you women need to carefully take a good look at yourselves in the mirror. i really mean this. you are worth more than that. do not let go of your power. i know that you think this feels so good and so right but it is all wrong and god put us here to be happy and not miserable. these men do not love themselves they are just getting what you are allowing them to have and that is your power. stand up and repent and start a new and wonderful life getting to know yourselves and faithfully do this. i assure you it will pay off in the end. like you all, i had to wake up and take a stand and get my life back that i allowed this man to do to me which was to steal my joy, my peace , my happiness and my time. life is too short, don't settle for less but for what god himself has waiting for you. it is much better than this sinful lust of a minute of what we think feels so right but wrong! take back your life and move forward... you will have better sleeping nights.