hey .
alright well i have this guy " total player " yu kno he's cute , has a lot of friends , he's funny , smart , crazy , and just what i like in a guy . but me and him had a bad connection last year because we use to always fight and he use to tell me tht he hates me and i also did to .. until this year when he told me tht he wanted to get to kno me better instead of hating me because he hears from his friends tht im a cool person and what not . so then we talked for two whole weeks and one day when he had a baseball game i went kinda early withh my bestfriend and he was there looking at me the whole time and i was like arent yu goin to say hey or something and he said no while smiling so i was like okay w.e . so when i got home i txted him saying ; how come yu didnt give me a hug ? am i ugly and he said lol no yur beautiful . so i told him to stop being so nice to me " and idk why i said tht .. maybe because i feel like hes just playing with me " so he said why and i changed the subject and he didnt write back until i saw him at school two days later and for some reason out of no where he ran up to me and gave me a hug and i asked him if he was mad at me and he said no why ? so i told him its because yu ignored me . and he said no i just had a headache thts all and i was like oh alright lol. so then we talked and since i was goin to the beach saturday my bestfriend told me to invite him and so i did .. and even though i was so nervous to ask him he said yes he will drive there by himself just to hang out with me . and then friday comes and i go to his game and he looks at me ; and annoys me " but in a cute way lol " and he even winked at me lol . and my bestfriend even tells me why does he keep staring and messing with yu tht he think this player likes me .. but when his game ended i asked his bestfriend to give me a ride home .. and then he said oh yur goin to get a ride home from him ? and i said yea so he was mhmmmm i i thought he was mad so i just left . and he told him bestfriend to stop the car so he can talk to me bout the beach saturday. and i asked him if he was still goin and he said yea to just aim him or w.e for deatils . so i did and he completely ignored me . so then comes saturday and i go to the beach and i aimed him and he still hasnt wrote back so i sent him a picture of me in a bikini sayin .. " this would have been today . for yur eyes only " and since i have a belly piercing he LOVES tht lol . and he wrote me on aim saying why would yu tease me like tht -_- and i said cuz its yur loss since yu didnt go . and he didnt write back so i said are yu mad . and he said some what and i wrote back saying dont be mad and he never wrote back so idk why but im thinking of giving up because i feel like he probably doesnt like me just wants to mess with me . and also the sucky part about it is in october this girl " ex girlfriend " tht he was in love with left him for a girl and he hasnt had a girl since but he has had girls on him .. and idk what to do please help me .