well, how can you make a cute guy fall in love with you and take him in your arms..

the answer is not an easy one, the real question is goingn to be whether or not he is worth your effort. it takes alot of work and dedication and specially time to get a guy to love you. if you don't have all three of them, then its abvious you are not committed.

don't confuse infactuation with love. maybe you just want to sleep with him, if so, then you are a slut and you're not really in love with him.

but if you are committed and you really like him and are willing to wait for him, then you can make a beautiful relationship with him work so the both of you will be happy.

you will need to decide:

1. do you want him to make the first move. ideally this is the best way. you don't want to show a guy you are easy, or else you will loose respect from him - that's just how guys are, so get over it. if you want to wait for him to make the first move, then what you can do is give your honesty and time to him. be truthful and most importantly be yourself so he values you for who you are. or you can just do nothin and hope that he realizes that you like him and he makes the first move.

2. well, i have more tips, but if you want to know more i will, but you have to give me your situation, i want to lear from other on all my tips..

these are some of my notes:
Do you want to wait for this person to realize you're a keeper? Hoping he'll fall in love with you? If yes, keep being yourself and pray. There may be the chance that he doesn't realize it. Then, you must know that it's his issue...not yours and move on.
You leave the relationship letting him know that you deserve better and need someone who is sure of what they want. It may be a wake up call for him, or he may agree to that. You want to be sure this is what you want to do because there's a risk there.
Bottom line is men don't readily know what they want or recognize what's potentially good for them. There's nothing you can do about that. You have to look out for you and hope they get on board.

tell me how you think you can get a guy to love you and i will reply