I'm in Xth grade. There's a guy that's been staring at me (or in my direction) all last semester. He was in three of my classes last semester, and now he has two this time. He sits very close by me (but not right next to me) in first hour, and I remembered him trying to coaxe his friends to sit on the side that was near me (I think. I'm not getting my hopes up). This guy is really talented, and he has a really cute smile. He can play the piano like Mozart, and he's a drummer, judging by how he beats his pencil against his books and table. He's in band; I'm in choir. It fits, don't you think? Anyways, back to the story. If I say anything slightly amusing, I sometimes can hear him quoting me after I say it. He laughs, then quotes me, then lets it go- but it still makes me smirk. I've also noticed his 1st hour friends watch me, too; the two friends both ride my bus, and for awhile they've been just observing, even defending me, if I get confronted on the bus. Anyways, the guy sometimes asks and sometimes answers questions that he or I ask aloud, and it's actually kind of funny. When he was passing back papers, I saw him take a sharp turn (I think) over to my table to give my paper to me. Then, smirking, he asked, "Is that essay ALL yours?" (I write a lot, and it just so happened there were like, 12 rough drafts stapled to it.) I laughed and shrugged. "Yup." He just gave me one of his cute laughs and walked away. A couple weeks ago, he was chosen to be in a three-partner group that I was in, along with a friend of mine. He sacrificed to work with us than to work with his friends (plus, there had to be at least one of each gender in a group). When he was in our group, he sat on the opposite side of my friend- away from me- and remained rather reserved, beating his pencil against the table like always. He did work with us, he was just shy.

I don't know. Do you think he likes me? Or am I just imaging it?