I like this guy i've known him for a good couple of months he's older than me, i go to him for my tattoo's as hes really good, anyway.

When i first met him last year 2010 when i had my first tattoo he would ask me occassionally if i was ok due to the pain of the tattoo i went back a few months later for another tattoo he didnt seem to remember from what i saw cuz he asked me if he has tattooed me before and i said yeah and shown him which he had done and he continued to do whatever lol, during the tattoo not even half way through he started to ask me im am ok again but asked me about 3 or 4 times lol.
When i had that tattoo finished i handed him the money and he smiled at me so i smiled back and said thank you
Then i went for another one i wanted him to do a design for me i contacted him through email a few days later the design was done so i booked an appointment to have it done.
I went on the day to have it done and as soon as walked in with my male friend he knew who i was straight away and asked me to come through he never asked me to much if i was ok but when he finished i gave him the money he said thank you darling and smiled again and proper eye contact happened.

I have just recently had a another design done by him for my rib cage down to my thigh he did that design quite quickly i went to pick it up on my own this time he kept me talking for atleast half an hour he kept walking by me and couldnt keep still the tattoo i was going to have he was describing to me what will happen and said you will have to take your knickers off! and laughed with a big smile and i burst out laughing a couple of weeks after i was nervous cuz of that lol im quite shy when it comes to stuff like that lol

Anyway i went back i had it numbed so i had to let him apply the cream on me was quite nervous i did tell him he kept making conversation and looking at me as usual. this tattoo took 3 sittings and he kept asking me if i was ok again he always does but not to others ive seen the 2nd sitting after having numbing cream applied he pulled my legging and knickers up for me i was like wow lol he wasnt to bad that time, my friend said he likes me but i dont know not to sure.

I now have him on facebook we dont talk much unless were talking about tattoos. anyway the other day i picked up another design he has done for me once again he winked at me and kept smiling at me how do i know if he likes me im going back on tuesday.
By the way hes got a family someone help pleae xxxx