welll.....i've liked this guy for some time now he's the first guy that i have ever liked ever since i broke up with my ex. It all started when i was walking with my cousin anibal from school. So we were walking from a distance and outside of school and out of the corner of my eye i saw him and his buddylook at me and Anibal and so i drag my cousin away and once i see that his friend is on the wall i slow down becuase for one he always stays there with him after school and me and my cousin were walking to the train station so i thought i was safe but when we turned a corner and i saw him and his friend walking(he was walking in front and briskily)and Anibal pointed that out but i ust brushed it off because i thought that he was just going to walk around us but he didnt...no instead he mae it a point to shove me and ani apart from each other and while he walked in front of us he waited on the other side of the street and he started talking to me and just me and he ignored his friend and anibal and said nice things and just some down right weird things like "yea az was all over me yesturday"over and over again and in multiple different ways and at one point he decided to try to steal my phone and yelled at Ani for not defending me and then well he left, yet ever since that day i see him hanging out places he hasnt hung out before, looking at me, and at one point he even pointed me out to his friends and when one of my friends played around with my hair one of his friends stopped me and said "dont touch her she's..."and i couldnt hear the rest. Point is...he's a shy, quiet, boy and so not my type at all cause he's a well he's sort of kind of ghetto and well im a prep and i dont know if he likes me!