This guy and I were realy close. I loved him, actually and i still do. I asked him to the dance and he said yes. The next day about 6 of my other close guy friends asked me. I said no to all of them. But then the guy i asked stopped talking to me. It has been aabout 4 1/2 months and he just started talking and e-mailing me again as if nothing has changed. I still love him but i can't forgive him as easily as he seems to want me to. I think now he is ready to have a relationship with me but he is going to have to work for it. Now mt other friend has been trying to get me for years. I put my head on his shoulder the other day and he told the guy i loved[not much anymore]and the guy i loved got really jealous. Wish me luck everyone. Try not to get involved in these situations girl friends!