Right, For starters may i just say do not listen to 'plastic lauren' She looks shes a carrot addict and it went to her face. also she hasn't got the looks she is the most uglyest slu ive ever seen to be honist. She has proberly had 1000 abortans THIS YEAR.

Anyway some importent help, for the real reason you came here.

1. Don't wear make up - or if your normaly wear make up, don't over do it. The last thing a guy wants is a girl with so much foundation you could scrape it off with a knife.
2. Don't stalk him at school or CONSTENTLY ring him and text him and post things on his facebook/myspace act. They find stalking creepy
3. Make sure you really want him. The last thing YOU want is to be stuck in a relationship you spent so much time getting but when you got it don't want it.

If you would like some more tips or really good explanations my aunt Velma is verry good at relationships- contact her via email: Bomb-x-blower - at - hot mail. com

Thankyou. x