I Am In Love With My Neighbor, What To Do For Him To Notice?

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there are many people like you who are in love with their neighbor or at least like the neighbor. i am in love with my neighbor he lives next door to me i don't know how it happened find myself falling in love with him, he doesn't even know i exists.
I love a guy he's ma neighbor btw but i never talk 2 him i just look at him in the street he is the same age as me but un4tanetly he isn't in the same school anyways i wanna him 2 love me bur i dunno how he doesn't even smile at me oh god i love him sooooooooo much anyone plz tell me what 2 do 2 make him love me? im so crazy in love with my neighbor and the game he plays. does anyone else feel like they love love my neighbor or im by myself on this one. anywayz, i think im the only one in this world who in in love with my neighbors. i been wanting to check out my neigbor's myspace page but according to my bff he dont have one. he is the in the whole neighborhood you now.
i REALLY like this guy and i want to no if he likes me or i bug him

i like my neighbor and hes a year older then me he asked me out befor and i said no because my friend liked him and we were friends with benefits we dont go outside together but we text sometimes and he replys to most of my text but sometimes he dosent anyways sometimes he flirts but other times he makes it seem like im annoying him and he dosent like me so what do you think i mean it would really hurt me if we stopped talking for good idk wat to do i need your advice and tips PLEASE HELP ME
.im 0999x9 - at - GoogleIm in love with my neighbour girl .same case as you.
lol i loves my neighbour too! although he just play staring games urgh
i feel the EXACT same way, damn lol, thought i waa the only 1, and i have no clue on how to tell him i like him
Me too!! But,3 years older!! Ah! I wish he ever ever notice me!
Am in love with my neighbor rally badly and he is 7 years older then me but i just cant stop thinking about him someone plzzzzzzzzzz
H ME!!!!!!!!
oh my god me too!!!hes 7 years older than me!!!!he doesnt even talk to me!!!!!im sooo hopelessly in love with him!!!!
I am in the same situation and you should talk to him and just be kind to him. It turns out that the guy on my street has the hots for me just like myself. We got to know each other one night over some drinks at the hood bar and it turns out that he wanted to sleep with me but I had to say no to keep my self respect. He maybe mad but he'll get over it and I bet he may feel the same way about you. You never know.
you are not alone i'm having the EXACT same problem.... it's hard to deal with.
I'm really inlove with my neighbor. He is a real gentlemen but why I can't I be the 1 for him. We both stay alone and seems like his sigle also, always at home. What can I do???
I'm in love with my neighbor !! im really crazy bout him :'(( he is coupled but before when he was single we talked just 2 times and he smiled and stared at me lot of times when I see him :'((((((( we don't talk now
what can I do !!
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