Tips for describing yourself to a guy:

  1. Be honest
  2. Be Sincere
  3. Sophisticated
  4. Matured
  5. Smart
  6. Respectful
  7. Courteous

When you apply all these behaviors towards a new guy, you will establish a strong and positive foundation in the relationship. Then the guy will reciprocate these actions back to you promoting a healthy relationship based on respect and honesty. A good start in a relationship will propagate mutual respect.

How does a girl describe herself to a guy? One of the most nerve wrecking experiences for guys is to find the right way to describe themselves to a girl. I say they got the science down to a tee! With the proliferation of social media and the internet, it has become very easy to find ways for men to describe themselves to women. But how about women? On this article, we are going to tackle this question:

How does a girl describe herself to a guy?

These are some of the topics we are going to be covering on this article:

1. Respect will always be first on the priority list. It is extremely important that you are respectful. A guy will reciprocate how you treat them. Therefore, be sure to be respectful in all your engagements with a guy. Why is respect so important? Respect is vital for any serious relationship. It can either make or break the relationship. If a guy does not respect you, he will not appreciate you.

2. Trust is next on the list. Trust goes along with respect. Trust is a process. Many guys will ask you to trust them on the first meet. Big mistake! Trust involves with time. Be patient. As you spend more time together, trust will naturally grow between both.

3. First Impressions will determine how your relationship will develop. You want a strong and solid relationship that is build on a solid foundation of Respect and Trust. This is a very simple equation: Respect + Trust = Love - When describing yourself, it is important to point out your strengths and don't be afraid to show your weaknesses. However, I would recommend that you focus on your strengths.

4. Short & Sweet -
When describing yourself to anyone, you have to have structure. Structure is a great tool when you are describing anything. You may have heard of other techniques such as the START method.

5. Examples -
The following are examples of short and sweet descriptions you can use in your profiles to describe yourself:

  1. Local university student who is interested in a kind and loving guy to spend quality time.
  2. Interested in a mature man who already knows what he wants.
  3. Single independent lady looking for a confident and secured man.

Avoid using words like: girl, cute, pretty etc.. These are not matured words.

My Story

The other day I was dating this new guy, I really liked him but I was nervous because I didn't know what to say to him to describe myself. I wanted to express myself to him but because I was so nervous about meeting him I could no say anything to him about me. This is how i described myself to him:

I'm single 21. I'm very outgoing I'm only shy when I meet someone new. I hate drama and immature people. I have goals in my live. I have a job that sucks the life out of me looking for a better one saving for a car and my own place. was wondering if there are any guys going through the same. It worked, This weeded out the unwanted guys and I received replies from only matured quality guys that I was interested.

Hope that helps.

Describing Yourself To A Guy

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