Are You Compatible With Indian Women

This quiz will evaluate if you are compatible with Indian women. Indian women often look for foreign husband. Take this exam to see if you have what an Indian woman looks for in a an American man.
Hi my name is Shandra, I am an Indian girl. I am 18 years old and i've never had a boyfriend. I've never had a boyfriend before because I am saving myself for my husband. I am wondering if white males like Indian girls at all? I would like to marry a Caucasian man one day. You see, I am not much into Indian guys, I guess that's why I am so lonely. I am an average Indian girl living in California and my hope is to someday marry a white male. i hope i don't sound prejudice here but I don't know why... but white men turn me on so much. (isn't that crazy?) I went out with one of my friends and he was white. He treated me so kind and nice. There was another guy in my class, we had lunch together, he was so sweet to me, but he was Mexican, so i didn't give him much importance, but I am kinda debating in my head whether or not to go out with him again because I really want a white guy.. but the Mexican guy is soooo cute though,, i don't know what to do.. am i racist?? i hope not. well, I guess we'll find out.

Most of my friends are from India, and they think I am crazy because I prefer white boys before any other race. I am just wondering if there are any white guys who actually like Indian girls. And by Indian girls, i don't mean Native Americans, but rather from the country of India,, you know what I mean.

I also would like to know if there are Indian girls who prefer white guys? and why?

What Is The Most Important Characteristic In A Man For You?
loyalty and money
should be kind
true love and loyalty
he should be kind,loyal,down to earth,indepe
honour / loyalty
kindness,humanity,and of course a person of values
loyalty to his family
someone who will make u smile everyday
im not a man
kindness,peace,satisfacti content ,hope,love,unity
loving, caring,who encourages and supports in your decisions and is always loyal to you and respects you.
good heart
caring and love
the size of his #chicken#.
No One Is Perfect In This World, What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
afraid to open up.
keeping this demanding world from tearing down my purpose
i overthink things and am a bit lazy in house chores.
i put myself last before everybody else
too nice
i m short tempered
being too sensitive
i am an agent
keep emotions in
being too nice
be nice and honoest
What Is Your Proudest Achievement In Life?
by being myself
nothing so far
my children
son was born
my children
my education
to make others happy
make my parents proud of me
i raised two daughters to be smarter and better than me
graduating from hs and soon college.
my plbus collection
being a single parent and bringing up two children on my own
my self respect
simplest person
i have a photo in newspaper,and make my friend happy
no #love- without a condom
when i was a university topper.
getting my own house
to help the poor
thats my secret
How Many Children Would You Like To Have With Your Husband?
husband? im probably wrong here, i clicked on how compatible i would be with an indian woman :/
i am a man though if i am with someone later in life then it is more up to them.
2 or maximum 3
with my future wife..2
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life Right Now?
my father
my children
my friends
my parents
more struggling with money to support the family
my mother
my family
mom and my boyfriend
my brothers
my family and riddhi
the person who needs me most
my friends and family
Describe How Will You Make Your Husband Happy.
tease him
he is my baby..
be loyal
will be loving and supportive
just by loving him and family
cook for him and support him financially
id make my wife happy in any way possible
whatever it takes him happy
understanding him and standing by him inn good and bad. supporting his whole family and parents.loving him beyond his hopes.
by loving him and understanding him
the way he wants
i dont know