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this is my story of how i met a caucasian man who i love very much he is the most lovely person, he is caring and like all different cultures
Hi my name is Shandra, I am an Indian girl. I am 18 years old and a virgin. I've never had sex before because I am saving myself for my husband. I am wondering if white males like Indian girls at all? I would like to marry a Caucasian man one day. You see, I am not much into Indian guys, I guess that's why I am so lonely. I am an average Indian girl living in California and my hope is to someday marry a white male. i hope i don't sound prejudice here but I don't know why... but white men turn me on so much. (isn't that crazy?) I went out with one of my friends and he was white. He treated me so kind and nice. There was another guy in my class, we had lunch together, he was so sweet to me, but he was Mexican, so i didn't give him much importance, but I am kinda debating in my head whether or not to go out with him again because I really want a white guy.. but the Mexican guy is soooo cute though,, i don't know what to do.. am i racist?? i hope not. well, I guess we'll find out.

Most of my friends are from India, and they think I am crazy because I prefer white boys before any other race. I am just wondering if there are any white guys who actually like Indian girls. And by Indian girls, i don't mean Native Americans, but rather from the country of India,, you know what I mean.

I also would like to know if there are Indian girls who prefer white guys? and why?

i'm a white guy and i am with a black woman . but i've heard tons of white guys comment on their attraction to indian women . i personally think the only reason they don't act on their urges is due to cultural differences and the fact that indian women seem to stick to their own race ..........for some unknown reason
i thank you woman are so dam sexy,i love to no youe on my site so we can chat
Hi I'm natalia. I'm from India itself. I think interracial love is most beautiful. I'd love if my partner is different from me starting from our skin,culture,tr It's so beautiful so spend time with a person who is entirely different from you I think you'll never run out of topics. I've nothing against Indian men they are good as well but I'd prefer a guy who is different from me. There is nothing wrong in preferring a white guy over brown guy it's just your liking. There is nothing racist about it. Eventually you fall in love with the person itself not with his complexion hair or eyes. Follow your heart it's most important. Be with a person who makes you feel good inside and outside. One of my frnd just got married to a white guy he is half Australian and half Italian deadly combination I'd say he's so cute and they both look amazing together I'd love to date a white guy. I wonder what white guys think abt brown I mean India girls.
hey natalia... i believe interacial affairs the best too since the bloodlines get mixed allowing room for healthier offsprings.
natalia add me on msn if u want to we can talk ...deadand65 - at - live dot com
hey i am an indian (roman catholic)i am gona shift to melbourne next year for my postgraduation ,i was a bit apprehensive 2 how frndly people are thre ,i hav couple of relationships with indian bt it was not worth it ... i m looking for a frnd in australia...i lyk indivisuals whu are loyal and true and intelectual personality,eithr in friendship or love n whu wud lyk me for whu i am but its v tough to fyn them...ppl cn mail me pirahnapanic - at - Google
White guys have something that indian guys lack.... (Sorry to sound so rude) bt white guys go out of their way and make sure their women are taken care off.... Whereas indian guys can't appreciate what they have.... People think I'm crazy to date white guys only....but I would never date an indian guy again..... They lie and cheat and use women like they some object.......
Eh Monisha kya haal hai... Kya tum bengali ho?
Heartbroken, what happened?
I am a white man who has been seeing a Indian woman for the past two years. The problem is that she is in an arrainged marriage. Her husband doesn't love her or give her any attention at all and she wants out of the relationship but he won't give her a divorce. And I have learned that the only way she can get out of this and still maintain contac with her family is for HIM to divorce her. I am deeply in love with her and I know she loves me too, but it seems that she has lost hope that she can ever get out to be with me. So it comes down to a choice... me or her family, because it seems she cannot have both. This is just so damn sad to see our love torn apart by cultural barriers like this. So I have to just sit here knowing that she has to go home to this guy who cares nothing about her while I sit alone yearing to be able to share my love with her.
oh, you're so sweet. All the best for your future!
im a white girl I think Indian women are the most beautiful in the world;however it seems most of them only will stick to Indian men. email me at gannable1 - at - yahoo
HI Gary! indian girl also goes to american guy.
Thanks for your reply Lucas!! Drop in a line at hazel_a_1234 - at - yahoo. co. au
Hello Hazel, I am Lucas and I am 28 yeals old and I live in Sydney. I find Indian girls very attractice and polite. I recently asked out an Indian girl many times. But her father stoped her from dating me. Please chat with me sometime when ever your free. obotrites - at - gmail or skype:obotrites . best regards Lucas
Hi my name is subha from malaysia if the family dont like she dating with u maybe u can try to talk to their email add qmarley1 - at - Google
Indian ladies seeking to meet western men from around world contact us at Vindya Match. A match making agency exclusively for Indian and asian ladies seeking western men. e-mail vindyamatch - at - yah
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Hi there, I'm a white guy in the states and I like Indian women very much! Message me if you want to be friends!
hi I am Arpita from India
You will have no trouble finding someone you are beautiful. I couldn't dream better. I am a white guy I live in san jose. email me if you want to see what i look like. i am 6'2" and i am 31 years young.
Monisha, you are very pretty... Let me know if you want to be friends.
I am a white guy that actually found this post because i like indian girls and i wondered if any indian girls like white guys. I want to date an indian girl. Indian girls are so pretty. I am a bit shy and want to approach them more.
hey i m an indian grl but i cant resist guys with dark curly hair and eyebrows, kinda shy with green eyes, a cute smile with maybe a dimple or cleft coz i have one too ...
I am an Indian girl currently pursuing higher studies in USA. However I feel like I am interested in white men. The thing with American guys is "They look as old as they are yet as ignorant as a teenager is" of course except a few men. So irrespective of race, I am looking for those few men in the world who are matured, responsible and a man of guts with the right attitude. Definitely my mission is hard as you know "The good ones are always taken."
Hi i am indian girl from malaysia pls drop me email - qmarley1 - at - Google
yes yes, they like indian girls. preferably one that never goes out of the house to prevent themselves from getting darker in colour as well as the one who stays in bath 24 hours a day to prevent them from smelling awful
Hi everyone. Hi Patrick .I am an indian girl.Anyone wants to be my friend?

I live in Sweden and love indain girls. If you like we can be friends!

i am indian girl and i never had an boyfriend or relationship with anyone i don,t know that an indian girl could trust foreigner as foreigners are in relationship from very young age and they also indulge in physical relation.
thank you .i am an indian girl and i love white guys!!!
hi. i am an indian lass . want to have frndship with me?
Hi I am Mr Gideon Okali from africa. I like you and will like to know you better. This is my number: +Two Two Eight Nine Nine Seven Nine Three One Four Five One Zero Three , email: gideonitesOne Nine Seven Five - at - Yahoo!
hi i am an english man and i like indian and pakstani women better then whites if interested contact me on Four Five One Zero Seven Nine Eight Two Five Two Eight Four Five One Zero Nine Nine
Hi, Monisha. I'm a white guy who is really interested in Indian girls. If I go to India do you think it would be possible to find a girl?
You are very beautiful by the way..
No offense...but i feel white guys are insensitive & selfish. Sorry if anybody feels bad..thts my personal experience talking <3 <3
i'm eagarly waiting for real n cool classic relationship with awoman of agegroup For Two Five -Three Five . cntct me at For Zero Nine Four Six For Zero Eight Five Eight Nine Three Six
I will be very happy if you reply coz I LIKED YOU IN MY HEART ANDI REQUEST KINDLY TO MY FRIEND
I am mixed, half Indian (North Indian), half English, with Irish and French mixed in on the English side. I have light/lightly tanned skin, dark hair and eyes, and I go crazy for blonde haired, blue eyed men. I haven't been attracted to darker men at all. Even dark haired/eyed white men do nothing for me. It's annoying because it seems most of the guys that ask me out are either Indian, arabic/greek (basically medium skin tone, dark hair and eyes etc), or English but with black/brown hair....I am just not attracted to them. I don't see how it can be racist, I just only like fair hair and eyes, I think it's beautiful.
You sound like an Idiot. You also have the inherent White-skin worship gene in your body. Sort out your head before you seriously get hurt emotionally. Marry a man/woman because he/she loves you... not because they have a fair skin tone.
hi i am irish guy Three Three i think indian girls are the hotest woman in the world are your very cute indeed my mobile Four Five One Zero Four Five One Zero Three Five Three -Eight Seven One Eight One Five Five Seven Three text you lovey thing you?
u r right indian peoples r very narrow minded....
hi my frd i am form india and i tell u only one think u are so right and i am wid u..but plz marry only indian boys because indian love is true....if u want talk wid me its my no 91 8604263900
You’re not crazy or racist for having a personal preference in the individual you plan to spend the majority of your time with in a relationship.  I am a white man and I like Indian ladies and I do planning on marrying one someday. I have dated an Indian lady for a month and it was the best relationship I have ever had. Once her parents found out that I was dating their daughter I was literally attacked by her brother and told never to see her again. We did sneak around after that and when her parents found out we were still together they sent her to India. From this experience I realized that an Indian woman that wants to be with a white guy needs to be a strong woman. She either needs parents that don’t mind their daughter dating a white guy or have the resources to live on her own. I think my experience may have been an isolated incident but I am more cautious when I start dating Indian ladies.      
This is in reply to Shandra's post about wanting to marry a white male. I myself am a white male married to a Indian woman and would not trade her for the universe. If you truly desire to marry a white male than do it for love and not just because he is white. Also, the two cultural back grounds will need to be merged as one to make the marriage equal. If you are truly attracted to mainly white males, than this what you should go for. I had a teacher in college that stated we should marry who we are deeply attracted to, other wise we will be unhappy in life. The upside of all this is, Indian's and white's make pretty babies. My wife and I have a one year old girl. Best of wishes.
Keep an open mind and don't be concerned what other people think. You could meet the love of your sees no color.
I am a Spanish American female...consid myself open minded and find it so sad that a race and culture like people from india are still so closed minded in this day and age. I respect their need to keep their history intact but it seems since India was controlled by Europe they would be more sensitive to and open minded to opening up to other cultures. I just got out of a two year relationship with an Indian male who treated me so good, but the distance took its toll. I am considered a beauty and I have tattoos which could be a challenge for some people. He and I discussed being together for life but it seems I'd have to pass the approval of his parents which he was prepared to handle. I believe love sees no color and if you find someone who you get along with, no one should get in the way. I am grateful to have a mind of my own regardless of what my family or friends have to say. I would tell any Indian girl go for it. If he respects you and treats you good that's most important. I think its sad when people don't open their minds. There is no race of people better than another. I'm afraid that maybe Indian people may have been controlled by europeans way too long.
Hi, Shandra. I'm a white male, and I'm mad for Indian girls. Problems are: my perception is that all Indians want to remain culturally exclusive, and, if not themselves, face great pressure from their parents and the larger Indian community to marry Indians and retain their cultural heritage. The other problem is that I assume all Indian girls-as all women, regardless-want and expect to marry extremely well, i.e., someone who is tall, handsome, dashing, rich, and an alpha male. I would be happily disabused of these notions, for I find Indian girls to be attractive and desirable in the extreme.
Love the picture, would like to chat to you and know more. I am from London. Thanks Rajx
Although I would love to marry an indian. But I love every race, no matter where you come from. It is the same God that created us all, and we all are human being. So, for me , it doesn't matter if your are white, black, Asian e.t.c. As long as I find you attractive and your character good, life goes on. That's me.
My name is Reema. i am an indian lass. i will be in the states in a few months. i am looking for a white male for a serious relationship..h to find a good white male there.
Hey Reema,

My name's Alex. I am a recent college graduate, I finished my first year of law school last month. I work full time as a project manager and private contractor and travel quite often around the US. I am looking for a classy, sophisticated gal to enjoy spending time with and possible something special? I would definitely like to hear from you. I can of course also provide pictures. You may contact me at -at- Wayne. Edu Hope to hear from you soon.
ei2544 -at- wayne . edu sorry it looks like my phone made a typo.
im a white male.

I think you are very lovely.
In fact, I find Indian women in general beautiful.

email me at gannable1 - at - Yahoo!
i can send a picture there.

same goes for the original poster
Hi Dear This is Jignesh From Mumbai like to know you more just add me at jigsrider14 - at - Google or suratwalajignesh - at -
Well I like indian girls, then again though I like them not only for their beauty but for their intelligence. This isn't to say that people are less intelligent in western countries, its just that I noticed with many of the women I have dated over the years very few, even given that I knew they were smart, could hold an intellectual conversation with me. Indian girls, and I think of this more as something to do with their upbringing are very intelligent and the conversations I've had with them can be very good.
Hi Dave from Ireland, im an indian lass and personally find irish lads attractive :) pitty there is'nt any irish guys in south africa
I am a white male and I have dated two indian women, the second I am still in a relationship. Indian women make ideal partners as they are not sluts hopping from one bed to another. They want a loving relationship for the long term and they are focused on pleasing their partner. The biggest barrier is the indian woman's family. I think it ironic that Indian families tend to be prejudice against anyone but there own race, considering they have faced discrimination themselves but do not hestitate to bestow this on their own family. West Indian families tend not to be this way so much but east indian families are definately discrimitory in thier views. I think over time that these views will fall away like every immigrant group. Their kids will tell the older generation to take their prejudice and get stuffed. Cheers Wayne from Canada.
yes, I didn't read the whole thing but yes we do not all of us obviosly and some are pprobably dipshits to indians but don't get stuck on those ones
Hi, i visited this page and i just wanted to state my opinion. im also an indian girl and i don't like indian boys. they like to keep girls in pressure. I am going to high school next year. One of my best friends is half jamaican and half hispanic and he's very fair skinned , tall and has the nicest eyes. Im totally in love with him.and we are also going to the same high school.
even i suffer from this iam an indina girl who lives in mumbai and i ma always attarcted to white man thoughi dont see many here bt i like their blue eyes and hair
Hey..dont be mistaken ..White males may be cool and good ..But they may not have only a girl in there life .They will go for everyone ..and there is not limit for them in love .If u a indian girl do think u can bear ur husband or boyfriend sleeping with others ....????Come on answer me ....
Hi , im an indian gal from Malaysia. I would love to get married with white man as i find them more understanding and attractive. Anyone out there please do email me and let's get to know.
I dont know why but for some reason i am attracted to indian women more than anything. i have been looking for an indian girlfriend for years but for some reason its like us white guys have to work really hard here in the states for yall to notice us... anyways i hope u find a good white male that will treat you right... and thanks for posting this because i was wondering while watching a bollywood movie if indian wowen liked white guys lol i guys some do!!!! works for me =)
I am a 23 year old, South African Indian, electronic engineer. I'm dating a white guy now. I don't regret it. I'm also saving myself for marriage and he said he will wait for me, because he loves me. He treats me like a queen. Hes so caring and respectful. He even cooks for me when I visit him. He takes care of me when I'm sick. He's a real gentleman. Indian men like to control their women..It's like having a security guard. The Indian guys I dated were jealous and didn't respect that I have dreams and ambitions too. They expect you to be like their mothers and sit at home and be a slave for them. Maybe i just dated bad Indian guys and there are exceptions. But that's my experience :)
yes even i like white males ,dont know the reason behind it
I actually love Indian girls and I'm a white male. I guess I'm like you just the opposite if that makes sense haha. I think Indian girls are sooo attractive
please call me you are so beutiful Five One Six -Six Seven Four Five One Zero -Two One One Eight
I'm an Indian girl from London, and have never dated an Indian guy. I've dated white guys and mixed race guys though. I'm not at all attracted to any Indian guy I've ever met, and the few Indian guys I know tend to be my friends, and nothing more. I find that I barely meet Indians, so that might have something to do with the fact that I can't find an Indian I like that way. Also a lot of Indians have been pretty creepy towards me, so maybe I'm developing a bad attitude towards them? My friends don't really think anything of it though, I'm pretty fair skinned and they always forget I'm Indian. I'm pretty sure white guys like Indians just as much as any other race, I mean there are some white girls they like, some white girls they don't like and the same goes for us Indians. But I have to say that I was the first Indian a few of my ex's dated and now they only look for Indians. So I reckon some people get a desi fever as it were?
I am a South African Indian woman who only dates white men. People like to judge me for it... but it is my preferance. It is becoming a very common trend in my country... white guys dating and marrying indian girls...
I am white, in London, and prefer Indian women over any other race, its hard to explain exactly why, as i'm sure your liking of white men is. It's just a case of I just do. I hope to eventually settle down with an Indian woman, will be in the US soon as well, I hope there is alot over there.
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