Are You Compatible With Indian Women

This quiz will evaluate if you are compatible with Indian women. Indian women often look for foreign husband. Take this exam to see if you have what an Indian woman looks for in a an American man.
I don't think that white (caucasian) women like the idea of ethnic women "stealing" their white men. I have found as an Indian or desi women, most white women to be quite hostile, rude, insecure and unfriendly towards other women, surprisingly don't see Indian women with white men though. They don't even like the idea of ethnic women even conversing with white men, even with good intentions. I have found this with east Asian women as well. Anyway, since as an Indian women, I would only date/marry Indian or white men. However, Indian women don't get approached by white men of course for various reasons, so we assume white men don't like Indian women and also since white men are often seen with east Asian women. Nonetheless, I am interested in seeking a relationship with a white man who is kind and respectful who values integrity and family values which are deeply rooted into my self being.