lately it seems that most of the guys where i live are going out with asian girls. they go to the cities where they are more asian population and then they meet an asian girl. they say that asian girls are more easy to get than white or latina chicks because asian girls prefer white men over all other races, is that true? are there alot of asian girls looking for white men? i would have to be an asian guy cuz then all the white dudes are taking all their nice looking girls and leaving all the ugly asian girls to them. seriously, all the pretty asian girls go for white men, so since the ugly ones can't get a white guy, they have to settle for an asian guy. i've seen it in our city, i see ugly white dudes with nice looking asian girls, and more and more asian guys with ugly asian girls. whats even weird is that i don't see asian women with asian guys that much. its very rate that i see a couple where the guys is asian and the girl is white. i see more latino guys dating asian girls. suddently asian girls have become hot. im guilty of that. i love asian women. hehehee, i laugh at this because in public the asian girls i've met are very conservative but when they are in bed they are wild - same as latinas, but latinas are wild on the outside, they don't hide it. as for white chicks, i've dated some also, but they are stuck ups - too much drama, don't know how to have a good time. so that's why i prefer other races like asians and latinas girls. there's an indian girl from india i've been keeping my eye on. i've never dated an indian girl or from the middle east. thats going have to be my next girl to date. i talked to a friend who dated a pakistani girl and he told me she was very stiff. she wouldn't relax, they don't give it up easy. too serious, worst than white chicks. i don't know if that's true cuz the girl at work she looks outgoing and looks like she knows how to have a good time, she has become more americanise i guess and its less traditional that my friends pakistan girl. i don't know, we'll see. i'll update this post once i am able to go out with the indian girl at work, we'll see what happens. i think its going to be tough. usually asian and latinas and even white girls are easier. I already gave the indian girl a flower but that didn't earn me much points with her. its dangerous also cuz i am at work and it could get weird with all the sexual harrasment laws, so i am not even sure its worth it. but we'll see what happens. has anyone had any expirience with indian or middle eastern girls? how are they like?