Why do asian women prefer white man?


Why do white men preffer asian women?

I recently made a trip to the City of San Francisco. I was amazed of how many couples where inter-racial - white guys with asias girls all over the place. Even my friend had a filipino girl friend.

I asked him why do white dudes like asian chicks so much. His reply was that they are very obidient. What?? I asked. What do you mean?, then he replied by saying: yeah, they respect you very much and do everything you tell them to, but white chicks thing they're about equality. Don't get me wrong, i respect Julieta (his girl), but she does everything i tell her, she trusts me, and respects me, looks up to me. Once Julieta told me that all her girlfriends look for a white guy to go out with because in their country most of the white people there are rich and your family respects you more when you marry a white man."

I told him that was crazy. He asked me to prove him wrong. So we went clubing... There were alot of asian chicks at the club. every asian chick i asked to dance with said yes. but not all white chicks said yes - stuck ups!!!

The weird thing is that asian dude have it harder because white chick dont go out with asian dude as much as asian chicks with white dudes. its rare that i see a white chick going out with an asian guy, worst, never seen an asian dude go out with a latina chick. Those litina chicks like their man to rough, I don't know any asian dude that as tuff as those latino dudes. Those latin guys are crazy!

So if you are ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, you'll see for yourself that I am not wrong. If you are a white dude, you won't have any problems going out with an asian chick.

Are the asian chick worst than the white chick because they are more shallow? hmmm