i have a friend who is American and he is married to a girl from India. they are very happy couple. they have two wonderful kids.

i am amazed about the mutual respect they have for one another. my friend advised me to go to India and marry a girl there. but I've never been to India. so i did the best thing. there is a girl at work. she is from India. so i approached her and asked her out. she was very shy at first and said nothing. and she walked away. i was embarrassed because i didn't know what to do.

a couple of months later we have our annual office dinner in Pleasanton, California. she was there to and for some weird reason, we sat next to each other. i said hello and she said hello back. we started talking and the more i talked to her, the more i realized why my friend felt in love with her. it was because of the sweetness in her personality. now im not saying that all Indian women are the same, but she was very respectful. and i admire that about women. anyways, i just wanted to say she made an impression on me and i was not disappointed. so maybe that's why we like Indian women, because we have open mind and care for people no matter where they are from.

Are You Compatible With Indian Women

This quiz will evaluate if you are compatible with Indian women. Indian women often look for foreign husband. Take this exam to see if you have what an Indian woman looks for in a an American man.