I am an indian girl was born and brought up in the US and have dated both indian and white guys.
I hate to sound unfair by saying I think I am more attracted to white guys, but I think it's a combination of my music tastes, personality and, of course, my attraction physically to them. Maybe it's intriguing to see/have something that is different than you? I melt when I see blue eyes. The guys I dated had a confused look if I ever mentioned being "too dark." They didnt have that same prejudice that some indians have about fair skin being more desirable. I am south indian, so I am a little darker than north indians, but it sucks that I have to "make up for it" if I wanted to be with a stereotypical indian guy. (Yes there are guys who dont care, but I'd have to find a guy whose immediate and extended family who didn't judge).
My experience is that most white guys are not very aggressive when it comes to approaching me. I like the genuine honesty and friendliness, but it's disappointing when, after a great conversation, the guy doesn't make a move to get my number. Maybe he isn't sure if he should pursue it? The guys I actually dated werent too shy and just went for it and asked me out.
I should state that after a while I felt like the guys didnt understand me- they didn't understand why I would want to consider my parents' feelings in certain situations so they wouldn't worry, and why my parents didn't say "see ya. have a good life." as soon as I turned 18. My family values are important and the guy I dated who became more independent and didn't call home as much just didn't get it. I met one guys' parents but am not planning on introducing anyone (white OR indian) to my parents until I am pretty much engaged. It would just be awkward and weird- we're not a sappy family that talks about relationships.

I lived in TX before and seemed to get a lot more attention from white guys, but now I live in in the Southwest and I hate it. The girls out here are all fake and ditzy and the guys seem to love it and chase after that.

I was wondering if you think that it depends on where in the U.S. you are, whether caucasian guys would like indian girls. My experience so far is telling me never to move to CA and that maybe I should move back to TX.