today i saw something which i have never seen before, there was a couple in the park, it was a cocasian guy with an indian girl. but not american indian girl but rather from the country of india in asia. so then they started to get into a fight and the girl started to cry because the guy said to her that no american guys like indian girls so she will regret if she leaves him. i was thinking that was so mean of him. i know some girls at work also that they are indian and they asked me if i have any american friends i can hook them up with. i said i have a black friend, but she said no. so i said, i have an indian-pakistani friend, she said no. she told me something weird, she said that her parents want her to marry a white american male. i asked why? she replied because they have a cousin who married a man from kansas and he is a very good husband.

has anyone else experienced dating indian girls or any indian girls dating white guys? because its a very beautiful thing to see so much diversity inthis country. i live in the san francisco area and its wonderful to see so many people from different countries.