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do you wan to know why does she take so long to text me back. i will explain why does she take so long to text me back
ok, if you are reading my post here you are probably wondering why its taking her so long to text you back.

check this out. i met this girl a couple of weeks ago. we have been texting everyday, and every morning she sends me a text wishing me a good and happy morning. so she agreed to go out with me one night. we went out, i had fun. she didn't look that interested. so next morning i woke up and there was no text in cell phone. i knew it was weird because every morning she has been texting me. so my mind started playing tricks on me, i kept wondering why she didnt wish me a good morning.

the day went by and nothing.. i went crazy trying to figure out why.. these are some of the reasons i tought about why is was not texting me.

- she was disappointed in how i look
- she slept late so she hasnt got up of bed yet
- she is busy
- she has a boyfriend
- she is avoiding me
- i did something to get her mad

the most obvious was that i may have done or say something to make her mad at me.. but what..? i was a total gentleman..

finally she texted me at 5pm, she apologized and said she had been busy with her sisters all day but she wanted to say hello.

i was really happy when i saw that. but to be honest with you, after that night we went out, she was not the same anymore. before she was really sweet to me.

so i decided that maybe she was not interested in me, so what i did, i didnt text her for like two day. hahahaha, it was freaken torture for me because i missed her so much, i kept looking at my mobile phone every second waiting for her to text me first.

two days went by and nothing. so after the third day at night, she text me saying she misses me.. wtf??? hahhaha, i knew it.. you witch!! i got you. so at the end, me avoiding her paid off, hehehe. now we are texting back and she is being sweet to me again. lol!!!

whats your story?

I'm going to try and play the silent treatment too. I met a girl one night out, and we text back and fourth but she takes FORRREVER to respond to my texts. I want to try your method and see if this silent treatment works back! Thanks TONS!
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