lol, so you are here probably wondering how u can out smart your mom or you dad right?

well, its easy. sometimes parents think they know everything. so i figure out how to outsmart them, its very simple. this guy showed me how so when you outsmart them, they feel so dumb. i mean, its nothing serious or anything, just more like a cute joke you can play on your parents to show them you are intelligent and not dumb as they think you are. they think im so immature. so when i outsmarted them, they were like.. what???,,, oh yeah. i enjoyed it so much to. well, i cant post them here cuz else everyone will copy me and if everyone finds out then our parents will find out and it wont works. so if you want to know how you can outsmart your mother or your father or even your brother or sister in your family you can with this little trick. ok, if you want me to send it to you u gotta tell me why you need to outsmart your parents, if its legit, i will send the instruction ok. but u gotta tell me why, otherwise, it wont work.

i will give you a hint. its not about making someone feel serious or dumb. if you just want to make your parents feel dumb or serious then thats not the answer. the best thing you can do is talk to them. and tell them how you feel. maybe they will not listen on the first time, but keep reminding them how you feel and tell them that it hurts when they dont listen to you. so the best thing to do is to tell them how you feel. after all, they are your parents. BUT,, dont tell them when you are them are angry... wait until everything is cool. people listen when they are not angry. so relax and after you feel relaxed then talk to them. i mean, thats what i did when i was a teen. i remember my mom would never listen to me. but when she didnt expected i would talk to her about things how i feel and she would listen to me more.