what does being smart mean?

well, being smart doesn't mean you know alot. if you are a smart person you can process things in your brain faster. there's alot of people who think they are smarter than the rest of us because they know more, well, some of them are smart because they know more and they can process their knowledge better and faster than others, while others know alot and cant process their knowledge as fast as others.

so how do you get smart? if you want to be smarter, you have to excersize your brain. when you work your brain its like doing excersizes, the more you work out, the stronger you become, so when you learn more, your brains has more resouces in your memory to process them quickly.

so if you want to out smart someone, you can't do it with just a trick, because weak tricks won't work on just anyone. smarting out a person can be easy if you are smarter.

here's a test. what do you think of when you see these characters?


if you tell me why you want to out smart this person, i will tell you the answer. lets see how smart your are. i mean, if you aint smart, then it aint going to work, you have to show me you really are smart ok