today i went to Western Dental Centers in redwood city because my friend told me i could go there because they speak spanish. so i made the appointment and then i went to the office.

first, when i go in there's like 20 poeple waiting. the first thing that came into my mind was, dang, i have to wait for all these people to go first.. so i check in and i have to go through all this paperwork and marketing i have to fill out. so i filled it out.

after all the paperwork was done, the recepcionist said to wait..
after waiting there for like 40 minutes, there was this lady next to me and i asked her how long she's been here, she said she been waiting for 2 hours in the waiting area.. O man. wow, after we started to have conversation the lady said that they removed two tooths by error. WHAT !!!!!!!!
i was llike.. what the hell., there was another lady who said that they made one of ther tooth ever worst. so all this time im wondering,, what the heck am i doing here.. so after like 1hr and 30 minutes of waiting. i just walked out of there. while i was talking to the ladies there, there were telling me that this is for low income people. i feel so bad for them people who have to go through all that. its really bad. the only thing positive about the place that it looks clean. but the service really sucks. so if you are thinking about going there, thinkg about it twice because you might regret it. i know, but if service is not important to you as much as price, then i guess it would be a good place. the ladies told me they go there because its cheap.