folllowed your steps on how to transfer all the files from one server to another, i was searching for how to change ispconfig servers from one to another. i was moving ispconfig from my old server. you see, i have to change servers cuz i had to move from isp. but i need to know which files to transfer. i only need to transfer the websites and mysql database only. so this is how i move all my files from one server to another including mysql all databases:


1. compress all the files. im going to call my tar file www-2008-oct-13.tar.gz

change directory to the var/ directory
cd /var

create a tar compressed file
tar -pczf www-2008-oct-13.tar.gz www/

2. second step would be to make a backup of all the mysql databases:
mysqldump --opt -u root -p XXPASSWORDXX --all-databases | gzip > mysql_backup.sql.gz

NOTE: change XXPASSWORDXX to whatever your root password is

now transfer both of these flies to your new server


change directory to the var/ directory
cd /var

change the name of the original www/ directory
mv www-original.tar.gz www/

upack the tar file will all the websites in the www directory
tar xvfz www-original.tar.gz www/

you will see all the webX files start to untar(umcompress) into the www/ directory

Now install all the new databases on the new server from the old server
mysql -h localhost -u root -pXXPASSWORDXX --all-databases < mysql_backup.sql.gz

XXPASSWORDXX = to whatever is your root password on the new server