hey hostman, last i heard from you, you were going to try to install a dev server with ispconfig's new remoting framework plug-in. did you ever got to play with it. were you able to install it.

man, i am having so much trouble installing it, i've tried with the -dev version and no luck, then i tried with the stable version and no luck, i always get errots, i guess its because i have no clue what SOAP is all about. i know a little of PHP but that's it, so i was wondering if you had any luck playing with it. i really would like to install it on my dedicated server and play with it to see how it works. i tried to buy the 42go thing, but it was too expensive and complicated. i tried installing 42go in red had and even on debian but i only had a month to play with it, so i gave up. the main reason was for the automatic billing part so i bought a license from cpanel.

anyway, let me know if you were able to insall the remote framework ok.

nano /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/classes/ispconfig_web.lib.php