today is the worst day of my life.. my so call boyfriend i cought him on the phone talking to another girl and he says is not like that. so i asked him how long he been talking to her and he says for about a week or so. so i said. ok, its cool. that was a month ago, so today he left his phone while we were making out and while he left, i opened his cellphone and there are a bunch of calls made to some skank melisa. ewwwww. i hate him so much. i noticed he been acting weird lately and i was starting to suspect that he been cheating on me cuz he dont call me or text me no more. i called him like twice a day and he never calls me.. where as before he would text me every hour and every day, now its a miracle if he even texts me. so i talked to my bff and she told me that he prob dont love me no more... im starting to believe that. so if your man starting to act weird, you better start getting suspecious cuz them players are always cheating on nice girls like me.

anywayz, just want to know if anyone has any advise of if anyone is expiriencing what im going through. men as such disapointment.