at one point or another you are going to get hurt by a man. guys dont care if you get hurt, they are only after one thing. i met this boy and he liked me and i liked him but after we were going out for 2 months he left me and went with another girl. i was devastated to learn that he didnt love me anymore. i cried and cried for him hoping he would come back to me.

so if you really want to learn how you can stop from loving someone the answer is simple. dont get too close to the guy. if you feel you are getting close to him, look at his bad things, not everyone is perfect, so if you feel you are starting to fall in love with a guy, try looking at his negatives, for example, while there are some guys are act all sweet with you, he problably hates cute things so test him to see what he does when you ask him to kiss your teddy bear, if he is willing to do that for you then you know he is good for you because he is willing to do anything for you. or another way is not to date guys that are too pretty. date guys who are below your league, you will find out that these guys are more into feeling than looks. how about you, what do you like about your boyfriend?