This is going to be very hard to admit in public but here it goes. I will tell you about my experience sleeping with a married man who lied to me the whole entire time. I feel so disappointed in myself. I should have stopped it, or rather, I should have not started it at all. I take responsibility for what I did. It took courage to accept respect for myself because I know I am better than to be a second hand wife. The funny thing about my experience was all these guys were asking me out and I would reject them because I wanted to be faithful to this man who didn't deserve a single crumb of attention from me.

To wake up and overcome the deception of this man, something really dramatic had to happen. He brought me to his house, he said he lived alone. he hid his family perfectly, I don't remember seeing any pictures of his wife or his kids so I felt for his trap into believe he was single. One day, we were hiking in the mountains near Los Angeles National Forrest and he had a serious injury. I drove him to the hospital and he was taken care of. After he was released from the hospital, he was given pain medication and he knocked out. I got him in my car and started to proceed to drive him to his house. As I approached near his house, I noticed a large SUV parked in his driveway, I thought it was a burglar and immediately called the police. I waited until the policed arrived, I explained the situation to the officer, the cautiously knocked the door and announced themselves, a woman and three children came out to greet the officer. As I saw this, I didn't get it. I couldn't figure out why would a woman be in his house. The office came to my car and explained. I was very upset and I could tell his wife was hurt also. I told the office if they would assist in moving him out of my car and I will be on my way. I went home and cried for a week. How could this happened to me? That question popped in my mid constantly, I couldn't find the answer.

I thought I had learned my lesson after my experience with this lying person. Since my first disappointment, I have been involved with another married man for the past year he is a very nice guy we were friends before we became lovers he used to come to me for advice as to what to do because he treats his wife well and she treats him like he is nothing she don't even sleep i the same room with him so we got close an became intimate his wife caught us together an i walked away as she was asking who am i cause i understand she would be upset she in turns hit me when i was walking away so i beat her. she now admitted to him that the reason she was not sleeping with him was because she was having an affair now she wants to file for divorce and is trying to take his kids, we hardly see each other now cause i never wanted any king of dramas coming my way he said he will be coming for me when his divorce is final but he is hurting as she wants to leave with his kids i don't know what to do cause i am already in love with him an just trying my best to stay away from him until he gets his divorce but i also not to keen on waiting around for him cause you never know how things may turn out. what can he do to keep his kids and what should i do should i wait or just move on cause he claims he cant promise that he will leave me alone.

Men will tell you anything to get you to do what they want. I am in a better situation now, I am over him and feel great. I am moving to Dallas for a new job and I plan to buy a ranch and have horses and animal. My brother has agreed to come live with me.

I hope if you are in my situation, you can get out as quickly as you can. I know its difficult. Its going to hurt no matter what, so just get over it and leave him, its not going to lead to anything but disappointment.