On STARDOLL there is a huge argument on who the real Selena is!
The two girls everyone is fighting over!
SelGomez.1 & Me20Selly.. So if Selena Gomez herself can tell me which is real.
Here is a list of who Selena might be;

Me20Selly..2 - (fake)
SelGomez.1- (??)
Me20Selly..- (??)
SelGome3real- (fake)
Hiyavictoria- (??) Me20Selly.. owns this account now
MeSelenaGomez..- (fake)
There ar lads more but you expect me to write all 1001 of them (lol)
Me20Selly.. might be real here is some youtube proof-
Twitter proof-
its all there