yesterday my wife and i had an argument. it seems that we are having more arguments about everything now a days. i can't seem to do anything right. everything i do is wrong to her. we have been married for 20 years and in the past we've had our differences but this time is different. she's been really mean to me. to day as i sit in my computer thinking about why is like that. my thoughts fool me into thinking about how it would be if i was single again. i feel like just giving up on everything, get a divorce and let her live her life so i can live mine. but the truth is that i am used to her now, its hard to let it go. even though she hurts me, i want her to be happy. but i dont know if she is happy with me. she is very stubborn and proud. i dont know how to handle this situation, really. i should man up to it and just face the situation head on. but again, my challenge is that my wife is not a woman how can sit down and talk, every time i start to have a conversation, it escalates into an argument. i really dont know what to do, i dont know how to handle the situation.