4 days ago
Shelley Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:11 pm
I will get to the point. My boyfriend and I had embryto and we have two beautiful twins boys, but my boyfriend is married and he said that he will not leave his wife, I thought that he was going to leave for sure after the babies were born but it have been two months since the babies were born and he still with his wife, I don't know what to do to, I want him here with me, He comes to see the kids everyday and he provide child-support monthly, he seems like he love his wife, I have tried everything to get her mad and for them to fight, but it doesn't seem to be working, What else can I do to break them up, they have been together for 17 years and they don't have kids in common. How can I get her out of the picture, I told my boyfriend that I will not let him see the kids as long as she is around, also I don't let him take the kids to his house because she is there, but how long can this goes on, should I leave the State and put pressure on him. Just asking anybody out there that can give an advice.