If you are looking for an honest guy then give me a try. I am twenty-three years of age and reside in America, I am living psychology, not much of a people pleaser but a romantic at heart. I am not wealthy, all that my parents have are theirs and I wish to not take any. I am however frustrated with the view of many, you're never counted as anything until you gain wealth. Yet there are so many who would have gained the wealth but now realise that they are missing something, love.

I can give you that, as long as you have the wealth, the house, I can give you love, in return I do not ask for your money nor fancy things, I do not request expensive holidays and flashy rides, all I ask is that you let me love you, that you let me take care of you, and that you love me in return. Spoiling me is up to you, totally, but I wish that you'll spoil yourself with my affection and love.

If you are wealthy, but own a house make enough to take care of yourself, you can talk to me too, I'm sure I can get a job and spoil you.

Every woman looks for security, so does every man, he wants to be secured and then extend it to the ones he love. I wish only to be happy and make you happy