Do I Have A Tumor Quiz :'(

Take this informative health quiz if you suspect you may have a brain tumor. The answer you receive may surprise you. Good Luck!
Hello, I have a lump as well though mine is not like most of the ones talked about here. I am unsure of when my lump came, but I first realized it was there about 7 years ago. I found it on the back right side of my head at that point it was only about 1 CM in size. there is no pain on or around it. some days it is soft and feels like a small stone in bag of water, on other days it is hard and solid with no softness to be found. but never any pain. as far as side effects its hard to say what it has done or not done.
many things in my life has changed from when I first found it, but one thing that I do find odd is that a few days ago it started to grow again, and now I find that writing poems are easyer then before as well as my korean studys are easyer. has the lump made me smarter? I really can't say if it is the lump or just me. and I have asked a doc about it, she looked at it, poked at it, and tryed to draw blood from it. however the day I had seen here the lump was hard. so she was unable to get any thing out of at all. and she stated she had never seen any thing like it before and told me to go to a head specialist, which I never did as I really don't have the cash, or the nerve. so to sum this up I have lived with a lump on my head for around 7-8 years now and in that time I believe I have learned more then I have in all the years before.