What Is That Bump On My Head?

Are you worried about a bump or lump you have on your head? If so, your are not alone. With all the talk about cancer in the news, it can get overwhelming and perhaps even stressful if you are personally affected by all the world wide statistics. It seem every day, someone famous declares they have cancer. If you are serious about finding out whether the lump on your head is something to be concern about, please continue reading. The information contained in this page will provided you with information essential to learning more about why you may have a lump on your head. There have been breakthroughs in cancer treatment, specially in the area of brain cancer and tumors. Be sure to complete the quiz at the end of this page.

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What Exactly is Cancer?

In order to face this situation, we must understand what we are dealing with, the first question you must ask yourself, What exactly is cancer? Cancer is the uncontrollable growth of anomalous cells in your body. The name cancer was given because of the organ or type of cell in which it starts to grow.

Is There A Cure For Brain Tumors?

No, there currently isn't a cure. However, there have been numerous successful treatments which have been proven to save many lives. One perfect example is Visualase. Visualase has given brain tumor patients another chance at life. For people who have brain tumors, getting treatment involves getting an invasive surgery. These types of surgeries involve a surgeons opening parts of the skull to remove the cancer. While most of these types of surgeries are successful, there are cases when the tumor comes back, when that happens, many patient start to run out of treatment options. The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) has approved a device which is also used for treating epilepsy, has now given many cancer victims another chance. The Visualase system uses MRI for guidance. Surgeons map the area of the tumor, make a small cut in the skull to insert the laser probe. This is very appealing to cancer patients because the skull is opening is so tiny. To abate (abate = cause to become smaller or less intense) the tumor, the laser uses heat up to 95 degrees to combat the tumor and stop the cancel cell from growing. After the procedure is complete, you just need a stitch or two, which means a fast recovery.

Can My Bump Be Cancer?

Now that you have learned about what exactly cancer is and how it can be treated, should you be concern about having cancer? You know your body better than anyone else in the world. If your body is trying to tell you something, you should pay attention.

How To Listen To My Body?

If you suspect you may have cancer or a tumor, your body will definitely tell you there is something wrong. However, your mind also plays tricks on you. Perhaps, that is the only reason why you find yourself here, on this website, right now, reading my article about bumps, lumps, cancers and tumors. Because you are scared. When I first felt the lump on my head, I panic, my first thought was.. OMG! I have cancer. I immediately called my doctor and made an appointment. I could not sleep that night. I keep thinking, my life is over. What am I going to do now. I went to the doctor the following morning. I explained to the doctor my concern. These are the questions the doctor asked me.

  • 1. How long have you had this?I don't know. I barely noticed it yesterday.
  • 2. Does it hurt when I press it down?No
  • 3. Do you feel dizzy?No
  • 4. Do have migraines or intense headaches (not normal headache)?Not really
  • 5. Does your body feel weak?No
  • 6. What you have is fat tissue in between your scalp and your skull. It is very common for a person to get fat tissue in their scalp. Just keep an eye on it. If it starts to get bigger, come back to the office. If you like, we can remove it. Its not a big procedure, we can suck the fat out from within the scalp.

I responded: OK doctor. I will keep an eye on it. If it start to grow, I will come back to visit you. No, I don't want to get it out now. Lets see what happens. Its been 10 years since my doctor visit. Obviously, I'm still alive because I am writing this article. I still have the bump on my head. I has not grown. Every so often, I touch it and I think about what the doctor told me to keep an eye on it.

UPDATE: December 2019 - It has been more than 10 years since I posted this page here. I am glad and blessed to tell you that I still have my lump on my head and I am healthy. My fears were just fears. My doctor listened to me and he was right. The lesson here is to get it checked out if you are are really worried about it.

Cancer Symptoms

Symptoms of cancer on your head include: Symptoms are different with each person. Most people report headaches and pain when they touch their bump on their head Bloody Nose - If you have noticed blood coming out of your nose, this may indicate that its a more serious situation Unable to sleep - people who have symptom face the challenge of being not able to sleep. But please be sure that your sleep deprivation is not due because is not a physiological issue... Meaning you can't sleep because you are constantly thinking about the bump on your head. the simple cure is to not worry and stop thinking about it. if you are very concern about this, visit your doctor. If you think you have cancer, no page on the internet will ever substitute a real live doctor. specially for something as serious as cancer.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

Cancer Tumor Recommendations

My advice is to relax. If you feel pain, go to a doctor and they will help you. Tumors is such a scary word. Specially when you read so much on the news about it. What have you learned from my experience?. Don't assume the worst. smile and be happy. don't let other people make you paranoid. I know we are all afraid of the c word, but keep your faith strong and pray. when you pray, ask for peace in you heart. It helped me and it can help you too. thank you for reading my post. leave any comments please. I read them every day. I did some research on this subject and created some very common questions about lumps on people's head and created this quiz to see if you have cancer or not. take the quiz. You will find it helpful. At the end of the quiz, you will see a very informative video related to what you are going though.

Do I Have A Tumor Quiz :'(

Take this informative health quiz if you suspect you may have a brain tumor. The answer you receive may surprise you. Good Luck!