i was getting tired every time i would log out of phpmyadmin, i would have to change my theme, because i was used to using the original theme but it kept going back to pmahomme which looks better, but since i am used to the original, its easier to find things around. if you are also in the same situation as i am, its very easy to change phpmyadmin default theme permanently by editing the config.inc.php file. you can find it usually in the phpmyadmin folder in windows or in the /etc/phpmyadmin/config.inc.php in linux

once you have found the config.inc.php file, simply add this line if you dont have it:

$cfg['ThemeDefault']= 'original';

NOTE: original was my favorite theme, so be sure to change 'original' to whatever theme you want to default

thats it, now you wont have to deal with changing your default theme,