In this short tutorial I will show you how you can change a encrypted password from MYSQL database. For this example I will be using phpMyAdmin tool.

1) Verify the MySQL database associated with your phpBB installation.

Use your FTP client and open the config.php file in the forums directory and check the following values:


2) Access your phpMyAdmin to reset the user's password

Login to your database using phpMyAdmin:
    1. Login to your database in phpMyAdmin
    2. On the left column menu, click the table that stores all the users login and password information.
    3. Find the "Browse" Tab at the top of the page and click on this tab to display all the users contained in this table
    4. Find the account of user that needs to be changed (eg. Admin)
    5. Click Edit (the icon that looks like a pencil)
    6. From the user_password row, click the Function pull down menu and choose MD5
    7. In the box to the right of MD5, replace the existing encrypted password with your new password in plain text
    8. Click the GO button located towards the bottom of the page