at some point in your life, someone will disappoint you. no matter who they are if they are your friends or your family, its expected that they will disappoint you with something. sometimes it will be more worst because your feelings got hurt and the first thing you want to do is hurt them back. but if you are like me, you will know that getting even is the wrong path.

you will not gain anything positive from hurting somebody who hurt you back. you will only find sorrow and guilt by getting even.

you know, i know it sounds silly, but to be quite honest with you, the best way to get even with someone is to forgive them. after you have forgive them, all that anger you have inside your heart will go away. as long as you genuinely forgive them. you will feel at peace once you have learned to forgive the person that hurt you.

it works, try it, if not let me know ok.