I'm 11 and i just got out of a relationship in november. We went out for six months and he told me we went out all summer.And we txted each other all the time. Then middle school came around and he didn't text me at all.And when we saw each other in the hallway he would completley ignore me. Then one night in november I was having a sleepover with a couple of my friends and i was texting my boyfriend trying to figure out was was going on with him. One of my close guy friends had told me earlier that day that he told my friend that he liked another girl. So i was trying to get that out of him. he lied to me he kept saying idk idk that made me really mad. i was up all night crying when he told me who this girl was and that he did like him so that monday in school we have to go into the auditrium before school starts and he kept on ignoring me and he wouldnt talk to me so i said ya know what if you want to ignore me were done and he ignored me once again. Then just recently he asked one of my good friends out but she dumped him. He's a jerk.And i know a lot of you might be thinking i'm too young to have a boyfriend but i dont care i loveed him and he told me he loved me too.