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Why do asian women prefer white man?


Why do white men preffer asian women?

I recently made a trip to the City of San Francisco. I was amazed of how many couples where inter-racial - white guys with asias girls all over the place. Even my friend had a filipino girl friend.

I asked him why do white dudes like asian chicks so much. His reply was that they are very obidient. What?? I asked. What do you mean?, then he replied by saying: yeah, they respect you very much and do everything you tell them to, but white chicks thing they're about equality. Don't get me wrong, i respect Julieta (his girl), but she does everything i tell her, she trusts me, and respects me, looks up to me. Once Julieta told me that all her girlfriends look for a white guy to go out with because in their country most of the white people there are rich and your family respects you more when you marry a white man."

I told him that was crazy. He asked me to prove him wrong. So we went clubing... There were alot of asian chicks at the club. every asian chick i asked to dance with said yes. but not all white chicks said yes - stuck ups!!!

The weird thing is that asian dude have it harder because white chick dont go out with asian dude as much as asian chicks with white dudes. its rare that i see a white chick going out with an asian guy, worst, never seen an asian dude go out with a latina chick. Those litina chicks like their man to rough, I don't know any asian dude that as tuff as those latino dudes. Those latin guys are crazy!

So if you are ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, you'll see for yourself that I am not wrong. If you are a white dude, you won't have any problems going out with an asian chick.

Are the asian chick worst than the white chick because they are more shallow? hmmm
i have been with my asian wife for many years now and there is no indication this relationship is or will be faltering. we are a team and she completes me. a few observations from what i've seen in our circle of friends and acquaintances:

1. white asian relationships are relatively stable and in fact appear more stable than the asian/asian and white/white relationships. i suspect because maybe we try harder. not sure.
2. every asian/black relationship has ended either through abuse, neglect, or infidelity. virtually all of these has been bm/af and for some reason the kids for the most part are ghettoized and not academically inclined. they tend to marginalize themselves. don't ask me why but it appears the kids identify as black and embrace the culture. the asian women in these relationships are more hardened and confrontational. heavy makeup, more revealing dressing, and smoke more. maybe due to low self esteem. the lone am/bf relationship is stable though. she is educated and for what it is worth, acts white in the classic sense. not a popular comment, i'm sure. am/wf relationships appear very stable and nurturing. they seem happy, focused, and loving.
3. full "asian" offspring do very well academically, a little better than the mixed asian/white on the whole. but from my observations this hasn't necessarily translated into adult careers.
4. a interesting observations on automobiles. asian couples tend to drive nicer cars, usually along the lines of lexus and such while a asian/white will drive a accord. comparing mini-van to mini-van, asian couples will drive a toyota while the asian/white couple will drive a chrysler. if i see a asian woman driving a dodge mini-van chances are she is with a white guy. if i see a asian woman driving a toyota mini-van, chances are she is with a asian guy.
5. homes. pretty much equal among our circle of friends as well as furnishings though asian families seem to be more hooked up so to speak.
6. youth sports. asian kids seem to be more involved in sports than their mixed peers.
7. asian men play more golf than white men in these relationships.
8. asian men smoke and drink more.
9. white males tend to dress down while asian men tend to dress up. but asian men don't wear their suits as well.
10. asian men tend to expect their wives to wait on them in social settings. something i don't want my wife to do. if anything, it should be the other way around. not that i'm special by any stretch of the imagination but rather i did not marry my wife to be my servant. now, let me caveat this by saying at home this same asian wife married to the asian guy may very well be wearing the pants in the family and the in the social setting it may be for show of some type.
11. laotian women and men love to party and infidelity seems rampant and accepted. the women love to flirt. their offspring will mate with anyone though many of the same dynamics apply ..i.e. the bm/af relationship. they are all rocky and unstable. my
hi all, im an asian girl, and im in love with a white american boy. we both love each other alot n soon we wanna get amrried. now the point is, why i like him ? becoz , i found him very loyal n sincere to me, and second thing, he loves me deeply and he feels also im the only best girl he can ever find in this whole world. i dont dislike asian men, but i feel my this bf is the best! love u my hun !!! muuaah
yes i like my asian girl because she is v sweet, just sweeter than any other person, and true and has a real nice heart. i know many asian people, boys and girls who i dislike in fact in annarbror michigan i really don't like to see asian people walking around because they don't look at you and seem to be content with having there own sub culture existance and racially bassed social group. thats fine... however my asian girl regardles of being asian or anything else is special just because of who she is. were cut from the same cloth even though we were from completely different cultures. i think its important to focus on this. i suppose there are trends, i would probably say that asian women tend to be more submissive and probably faithfull. but then again i witness many asian women cheating on there husbands just like white women do. i'm not in love with my girl because of her race.. just because she is the only girl i like due to her wonderfull love and nature. i am real lucky to have found her. luv u 2 my hun. actually hun i think your technically pursian and not asian but i may be wrong.
ohh yeah honey, maybe u r right, maybe kinda im persian or morw towards middle east. coz im not chinese. well i know all white men are not loyal either, just my boy is the only one who deserves to be spent my whole life with him. he is one & only one i really love. he cares for me, my feelings, and respects me. i trust him and am faith in our true time we will spend together. miss u & love u jaani ... muaa ^^^ >>> for mmmmmmmmmm
young asian girls desires older western guys??
i am very curious about the phenomena of younger asian girls wanting older western guys. i have seen many profiles on the asian dating sites and it would seem that the vast majority of asian girls prefer older men. to me, this is a godsend if true. i'm almost 48 & divorced. american women seem to want men their own aga or younger. the women my age look to be 15-20 years older than me and usually have 3 kids. i really don't want to be with an american woman because of their self centered attitudes, obesity problems, loud, obnoxious ways, need for breast implants and tatoos etc. (i'm generalizing of course) but, i have been on various dating sites for over 2 years and it's so difficult to find even one right girl. the asian sites are filled with seemingly "right girls" but i am unsure of their true intentions. the asians that are already in the usa also seem to be looking for men their own age. i would like to hear from asian girls that can tell the truth about the asian females desire to be married to an older western man. girls, is this really true? what is wrong with asian men? why are older western men more desirable? is there any truth to this?
"young asian girls desires older western guys??"
i'd like to answer this question.
i am a chinese girl aged 24.in chinese,there is a sentence similar like "the older a man is,more charming he will be".by old,we just mean a man aged 30-45(it should be). men in this age range seem to be more mature and more considerate,knowing how to love and "spoil" their own women.young men cannot do like this who tend to be a little arrogant and don't want to do more for their girlfriends.and what's more,men in this age arrange might be more successful in their career,i mean, they have the financial ability to support their families.(note:i don't mean that asian girls are into money,but that's the real life)so,many young girls would like to seek romance with older guys,asian guys or white guys are both ok.
btw,it's true that some asian girls post their profiles on some dating sites which are dedicated to asian singles,like asianfriendfinder, cncupid /photo/romance etc saying that they don't care age or race.asian girls are more and more open-minded.aren't they?
btw,it's true that some asian girls post their profiles on some dating sites which are dedicated to asian singles,like asianfriendfinder dot com, cncupid dot com/photo/romance etc saying that they don't care age or race.asian girls are more and more open-minded.aren't they?
you know rolands right i live in california and i see what hes saying all the time
all you people that are being so nice about the racist thing are completely stupid and completely out of touch. black women all look like damn monkeys, mexicans are just like the blacks. the only good looking women are white and asian. also whites and asians get along with eachother well unlike blacks and mexicans which are always rasist agaist white people. asians are the only minority that are nice to white people and all my girl friends have been white or asian. with asian girls i never have to be worried of being insulted by being called fen white boy.
to those deluded white men out there who think that getting an asian woman means " obedient", "lots of show of respect", "non-feminist ultra feminine type", i have an open letter to you:

sorry to say, you're deluded, man! you only get those set of nice "behavior" from what we call mail order bride types from overseas asian countries, not the americanized asian / australian /briton types who are born in western countries.

trust me, i myself am an east asian gent come here at a young age into a western country ( 1.5g - generation 1.5 ) and married to an asian woman born here.

and i promise you, she ain't a servile, humble, baby doll type - she is like any other typical white woman, "controlling, nagging and super independent and won't take my surname" - i'm just as hen pecked like any other white man who's been in any long term relationshp with the typical white woman.

strange, her mother's like that too...my dad-in-law gets it bad, like anything - you wanna know how you're going to be treated, just look at her parents - so the saying goes, - unfortunately i was sucked in by looks.

so shallow people out there - beauty is skin deep - it only works for the night club encounter - you still gotta live with that person for the rest of your life and you gotta be able to deal with their nonsense.

but i digressed:

the reason overseas asian women are servile and super nice, is only because of one thing, you ( whitey ) are their ticket out of their poverty stricken countries, and their culture trains them to respect men - green card,understand?

as soon as they become westernized, they and their daughters will too be like white women.

so there, don't be so dumb. best way to keep a nice asian woman nice, is to go over to that asian country, with your asian chick and live there and not come back.

then, mr. white man, you'll be treated like a god, not only by her, but by all her relatives and friends and most of the general population. best deal, is skill up and get an ex-pat job that pays ridiculous sums, and you're set for life!

asian racism: and yes, it's true asians look up to white people because of their skin color - light skin equals higher social status - they also discriminate against other asians based on skin shade - i.e. filipino's, asian indians, malays, thais all inferior. - from the view point of an east asian: e.g. korean, japanese and chinese.

light skin means more beautiful and intelligent and better chance of success in the work-place.

so there!
obentoman - i think you said it all

wow, i still love asian women tho, they are hot,i like petite women, and i love them.
white asian dude - thanks for the comment - great minds think alike....you mix raced asian ? ( half whitey? ).

and one more thing: westernised asian girls who only want to date whitey's at the exclusion of their own men:

you're a laughing stock to the whities. you have no culture and no loyalty - traitor.

but before i get flamed - i don't mean all asian girls who go for white men deserve the criticisms above - only those who eclusively date only whiteys.

those who happen to have some whitey bf's along the way between asian ones, that's perfectly normal - variety and demoracy - but if you have to discriminate against your own race, there's something scr#wed up in your brain.

white women don't do that, (at least not as a general sense), as in go for black, hispanic or azn or other race men exclusively at the expense of their own race....the ones that sometimes date other colours are normal as i said, they have variety in between the white bf's. that's normal.

same deal with black and latina ladies as white laides - you don't hear of them saying ,"me only want big handsome white-man - me want social status, pecking order - me don't want my own race"

asian girls (westernised): you are a disgrace and you have no where to hide your face, other races are laughing at you and your own race will reject you if you ever get into deep sh#t oneday and need your help.

hey, in no way are we being racist here: remember folks, democracy, variety ok, exclusion: = aparthied ( and ridiculously.... against your own race!!!!! wtf!!!! )

but yes, white asian dude - i concur that asian lasses do age a lot better. they can hide their age 10-15 yaers. a white woman over 30 looks well, middle-aged 40+ to 50+ looking esp the smoking and sun-tanning ones.

an asian one at 40+ can still get away looking early 30's. coz' they've been taught from chidhood that smoking is decadent and tanning is bad - you'll loose your fair skin - remember fair = better status? also genetics have a big part.

and yes, they are way tighter.

so there!
one thing for sure: i can never be attracted to a black girl (too damn black!).
your pathetic for thinking that way me. white men date asian women because whites and asians have alot in common.
im also an azn guy, and i lost my girlfriend to a white man.
i love japanese girls
hi, this is a very intriguing post. anyway, i am full chinese (from hk), and i have dated all caucasians. i don't think race has anything to do with relationships, but how the couple treats each other. caucasians seem to be a bit more outgoing than asian guys, most of the asian guys are really shy and not very willing to talk to any girls. as for the stereotyping goes: im a 4.0 student, but i wouldn't consider all asian girls submissive, or any other stereotypes may be out there. it's usually personality, and media portrays a lot of them too.

these are the only comments i have right now, interesting replies.
i forgot to add, my girlfriend is not into asian guys at all
kelly, i'm with you! being that i'm almost 30, i have nearly 2 decades of experience with dating and 3 with being an asian woman. i have dated a lot of men of all different races and ethnicities, including asian men. my worst dates and relationships have been with asian men. i am currently engaged to the love of my life, a white man. after years of dating jerks (finally over!), i couldn't be happier. many of my asian female friends and relatives are either married to or are in long-term relationships with white men, and after dating several asian men, they are also very happy.

in my experience, asian guys don't know how to treat people. i guess i can't really blame them, though. particularly in traditional chinese and korean families, the boys are given preferential treatment over their sisters. so many asian kids witness their fathers disrespecting their mothers. from birth, girls are expected to accept being treated like second-class citizens. when these boys grow up and start wanting relationships of their own, who do they look to as partners? they want someone who understands and will be subservient to them, someone who grew up in the same type of environment, which, of course, would be asian girls. i strongly believe this is why asian men are so against dating outside their race and are so angry with asian women who date outsider theirs.

the asian guys i've dated were insensitive, stubborn spoiled brats. even random asian guys i run into in public are jerks. in fact, the other day, a chinese man at the post office was totally rude to me. he accused me of cutting in line ahead of him, when, in fact, he tried to cut in line ahead of me! when i stood up for myself, he was taken aback. i guess he didn't expect that a young asian woman would actually be strong enough to do that! that was not the first time that's happened...

honestly, people, it's 2008. women do not need to bow down to men anymore. if you want love, you have to put love out there...
hi everyone, my name is Fernando, i have an Asian girlfriend. she is beautiful and very loyal to me, just as i am with her. we love each other and i would never leave her for another woman. Asian girls are the sweetest.
asian chicks aren't shallow or any shallower than your average white chick. i think the mumber one thing that the asian girls are sick and tired of is their husbands having mistresses. i know white guys aren't immune to that either, but it happens a lot more in asian countries and the woman gets nothing if she divorce's her husband and also she will have a hard time getting married again being a divorcee. as for white guys liking the asian girls more than white girls well for one thing the asian girls for whatever reason do seem to be in better shape their are some plump asian women, but most are slim to average nothing like some of the 300 pound white blobs you see walking around in north america. maybe a combination of their diet and moderate exercise is the reason. i was in brazil a few years ago for five months and my experience is they prefer white guys too. by the way i married a filipina and a lot of filipina's marrying white guys, but not the other way around. i tell you asian women treat their husbands very well who wouldn't want to marry one? they are usually more attractive than white chicks, treat their guys better and yes they do ask your permission for some things. so what white chick can match that? i mean my wife makes my lunch for me even and my coworker's the asian ones with asian wives say their wives do too, but the white guys with the white wives, not a chance, one poor fellow makes his wife lunch.
all you brain washed people that say race doesn't matter are people that just sit on their lazy asses and watch tv all day. our leftist media makes nigers and spics look smart and nice to white people. nigers and mexicans are just subhumans and a disease and make whites and asians brainwashed into acting like them and take drugs to screw the smart brains. white and asian couples i will go for nothing else. asians are the only minority that us whites can relate with no matter what any dumbass thinks. i love asian girls i love their yellow skin. also the brown on asians looks so fantastic on mexicans it gives me a shiver up my body. also one last thing combining white and asian blood is the best mix and only mix there is. they get double the smart and double the beauty.
this is the reason why asian girls like white guys for all you people who cant see the damn picture
white and asian compare
both live in rich neighborhoods
both well off
both smart and score the highest in education
both cause the lease crime
nothing holded agaist eachother
both mostly come into the u.s. respecting it
both kinds of girls are nice
just to add something extra if you look at history and the present ww2 germany (white) japan (asian) both have the brains and same ideas to conquer the world. dictators who got close to world domination adolf hitler, napoleaon, alexzander the great, gengas kuan (asian). the history thing is just something to think about. when two races have
alot in common they get along better which whites and asians
do. like mexicans and blacks their comparisons make me sick.
of course my girl is asian love her. when we get married we are going to make a half german half japanese kid. ha ha ha
world domination. one more thing china is entering the space race
ok i have a white boyfriend. im not putting down my own race by saying this but i think asians kind of love white people including myself. you know those japanese cartoons and japanese video games all the people in it look like blond, red, brown, blue eyed asian people. alot of asians die their hair into white hair colors. also theirs alot of living status comparisons with whites and asians. every girl in my whole my whole family married a white guy soon myself. its just that when i see my boyfriend i love his tall blondhaired blue eyed dutch look.
i forgot to add dont forget about european and asian idustry
realy automobiles. last thing you cold walk in most of europe and asia without getting shot like africa and mexico

Do you think the white race is superior than others?

im starting to believe that deep inside, whats going on is that asian females have been brain washed into thinking that because white males are taller, therefore, are superior than asian guys. which furthers my theory that of evolution. some how asian girls think that white males have evolved into a more sophisticated specimen and its their instinct to believe that Caucasian are far intellectually superior than other races. but the truth is that its all about culture. some have suggested that asian guys are not as caring for their wives because of their culture. black african man are bush man and hispanics are lazy? im just very sad by all the beautiful asian girl, i wish they would be more open minded and look beyond the white color.

some of my friends are asian girls, and they prefer white males to marry because their parents have been pressured to keep a certain status. some asian girls have said here that asian guys are influenced by their parents, so are asian women, but you are just to weak to realize how manipulated you are by your parents and how shallow you mind is to think that just because a person with white skin is much superior than others. i feel sorry for you. my mother is chinese and my father is british. i married a japanese girl who i love very dearly. she is the love of my life and i would do anything for her. asian men are just as good as white men, the new generation of asian man is different now and we love our asian women.
check this out

hey johnathan whilers let me ask you this would you marry a black or a mexican. i hate people that say true rasism is wrong when they won't even live with the blacks and mexicans they so defend. you are just a stupid empty headed person who is brainwashed by his school system and t.v. a asian woman is not going to touch a black or mexican because blacks and mexicans cause crime and are just plain dumb. you are the brainwashed here to defend such people.
white and asian the only best mix
yeah, latin women suck, they are ugly, that's why they win miss universe all the time

Dominican Republic

asian girls are only with white guys no other races. look around you and stop just watching t.v. my girlfriend is asian, the asians hate blacks and mexicans just like us white people because their rich too.
i love brown skin on asians not mexicans.
its true im white and i have this asian girl who is my friend. at first she liked to take pictures of me alot. then evently she started holding my hand and then she became my girlfriend shes so hot and smart. i love filopinos. i meant her in my ap math class. we are getting married in the future. i love how shes so girly with a little asian accent in there.
hmm.... i am an asian, from hong kong. i am not sure if asian girl wants a white man is only because white men are richer than asian? hmmmmm......

if you have time, come and visit:
hongkongtour.blogsome /2008/11/08/why-asians-like-white-m
why people find oriental woman applealing?
this roland eskey and i don't remember saying this to anybody.
asians are not shallow..it's the way we were raised. women are supposedly in the house, doing chores but our men pampered us with gifts and stuff so when they go home to rest, we are expected to help them relax... is that shallow?? lol...
but asians are not perfectly the same with everyone, depends on the person i guess...like filipino girls may differ from japanese, koreans or chinese. depends on the culture-wise... as basics, women are women in asian world.. we maybe just the home decorator but we make our men go crazy.. men's world cannot be completed without a girl. that is why asian men are expected to work as hard to pamper the women and the children.

Really? Well I changed my wife to think different than being a housewife, yeah I told her why did you get a four year degree if you were not interested in working? Now she loves her job.
i am an attractive white male. my very first crush was with this little asian girl who i rode to school with everyday. as a child i never thought anything about her race, rather she was special and different and i liked her. all of my life i have always dated white women and really have no complaints about it. i have had a few chances in my life to date really beautiful asian girls and was precautious about it because of peer pressure. my family is fairly conservative and traditional. looking back i feel like i may have missed one or two opportunities that may have changed my life and did not do what felt right in my own heart. recently , in the past few years i have been around an enviornment where there are a lot of asian women. it seems every day i grow more attracted to their beauty and mystery. i love their long black hair and beautiful eyes. they are petite and gentle. call it what you want it is a personal issue. do what makes you happy! in the end it is just the two of you that go to bed together, and wake up with each other and nobody else matters. just be happy, laugh, and love each other. and for any asian girls on this blog, i am looking for you!
hello, hate iggnorant people, i have never read anything as dumb as what you wrote. to think that all blacks and mexicans are dump makes it very clear how ignorant and dumb you really are. question, how many black or mexicans do you know. i see you described yourself very well in your response to johnatan, obviously you are the one that is brainwashed by tv and what others tell you. get to know some black people or mexicans before you make any judgements. and by the way crime happens in every race. just do your research. and get some real education. i am asian, and i know a lot of black people and spanish people and white and others, and i can tell you, you can find any kind of person in any race. i know a lot of very intelligent black people who are doing very well than some white people i know. your mind is so damn primitive, you have a lot to learn.
i think its because asian women show more respect twards the man. they dont generally like to fight (although they tend to be exteremly jelous). they think the family structure is the most important thing in the world. im talking about native asians that is. to divorce or even break up is shameful. i encourage any white guy to seek a forign asian wife. they appreciate his love and attentiveness so much more. its been 2 years now and i still havent been able to marry my filipino fiance.

i found an interesting e-book at mailorderbridesecrets .
different is sexy
i'm white and latina. i like asian guys. are you asian?
im an asian dude from hong kong.i love white women .theyre lovey and hot.theyre pretty nice to me.i wanna marry a white woman someday.
i am asian -french and that is BS, and insulting, we are not animal that we have to be obedient. maybe you find your asian girl in the 3rd world country Dude you seem like a looser
I am a female photographer so I meet thousands of unique and beautiful cultures every other day. I don’t know what planet this writer is on but the Asians I have met act dull with no personality and are dull and/or sneaky and lacked in etiquette and even blatantly rude to others with their actions. I think you are fixating on looks and old ideas you have heard more then who that person really is because you don't have to know her if she does everything you say. Sooner or later her real self will pop out from being oppressed in being your ‘slave’ and she will be crazy as h*ll----I’ve heard horror stories of how guys said the Asian girl turn 𠇊-Wall” crazy (with throwing knives and stuff) so keep thinking naive and you’ll find out.

Asian girls love white guys because white guys take things for face value and do not investigate what they are really dealing with.

Your perceptions are warped and you need to know someone as who they really are and not worry about what ethnicity they are.
I am an Asian female and I am all about equality in a relationship. It's a misconception to believe that Asian females will do ask their man ask and be submissive. I like non-Asian man not because my family will be respected more if I married a white men but because I find majority of them are good looking than a lot of Asian man.
I don't like asian women. I had many bad example, they like money and they are not so correct, if they know a new guy, who has more money than you, sorry.. She will change you for the richer. My boy friend is Asian and I am white. His ex wife is Asian and she change he for another guy, who had more money.
sorry but you've got wrong don't be a judgemental, i have husband a whiteguy now we're getting married in the philippines already. i love him so much not because of his money or his penny is big, i love him cause his real. i am a bachelor's degree i am ready to get work if in case me my husband cannot work because his old than me. i am 25 and his 62, i love him so much and he love's me, his my first guy in my life, maybe other girl is materialistic but not me, i ask to god in many times to give me a real man, and now i found my husband, i am so happy to him and his happy in me. please don't judge other people face the problem of your self and your own family, just wait who's right girl given by god to you, godbless more power hope i did not opened to you.
it is always depending on the individual, if U really meet a asia girl, you will find another way to be loved and loving.
thats prejudice to clump all asains in together because of that one experience. thats like saying all asians know reall kung fu because of jakie chan or all black people smoke weed because of little wayne, or all white people will get sleeve tattoos beause of jeff hardy...
i think it just depends on their own personalities not races.
im an asian woman. im fairly conservative tho. good morals and understandings are my main priority in an inter-racial relationship. I've always liked caucasian men. Its all about personal choices. to judge asian women chasing white men after their money, is very wrong. some may do that to get quick cash. But i've never done that and will not. Gold diggers are in every race and every nation in the world. they are all over. even white women could be the top 10 gold diggers in the world. but who am i to judge them?
I am an Asian girl. I think personal appearance attractiveness is perceived differently by different people, and the drives of it may vary too. But the reason why my white bf loves me is becoz of understanding, respects, fun, responsibility for each other.. wild and lovey should be added too lol mmm.. yummy! lol
Asian girls look at other races especially if they tourists as if they were bank and a way out to a better life
i am so offended after reading this article. i am asian and i don't do everything my guy tells me to do. i have my own opinions and i don't let him get aways with anything. yes, i do respect and love him only if he does the same thing for me. a lot of asian girls are just not loud mouth and they are usually loyal...but isn't it supposed to be that way in a normal relationship anyway?
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