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this is the Federal Government's Internal Revenue Services (IRS) fax machine number for your taxes or your income tax return. If you need to fax a document to the IRS, this is the toll free 800 number the IRS has for tax payers in the united states.


if you are wanting to know what is the fax number for the irs i give it to you ok

TeleTax: 1-800-829-4477 - Service that provides both recorded tax information and automated refund information

this is the faxing machine number i was able to find when i went to so if this is what you are looking for great. there you have it

Why you need the IRS Fax Number?

update, if this number is not working for you, you can visit the irs website at they may have a new fax number it if was changed.
tyes i would like to know who doi call to let them know who his frauding the irs on there taxes . ther is a lady name mary smith , berg , redker is her mane know . she has been claiming her kids before her mother passed away and her mother was claiming them on her taxes of homestead they have cheated the government for years so i think its all out . so i was hoping someone could give me a call also she is frauding the welfare dept in kenosha has had her husband living with her for the last z months and not turning it in . also getting money from him before he moved in with nher and not turning it in . also has not had her daughters in school for almost three years and two daughter dont live with her there y4 years old . the one daughter brianne nicole berg b.o.d. 4-y4-yxxzhas been living with grandfather gene holesster in kenosha at zy4z- yx th street kenosha and then lived with her then back to grandfather also daughter ashley marie berg b.o.d. 4-y4-yxxzthese girls are twins .
it is a nightmare to find a fax number for sending / faxing over the application for ein number. why are they making it so hard?

i need to fax my letter
trying to fax you my tax information aside the tax info and forms you sent me thankyou is this the right fax number i aquired y-yxx-yzx-44zz please let me know thank you very much you can contact me at my email
irs fax line busy can't fax information they need line always busy what to do?
please give me the fax number i would send to a very bad fraud case
a person who needs to fax an amemded return from my house needs this number. i initially had the number because, my son faxed some papers to the irs last year.
need to fax installment agreement
I need to fax a document to IRS. Why is this such a big deal...
could u hook me up with that number please...i have 13 bum numbers from the net here....thanks
i need the fax number so i can fax in the letter i was told to fax and a copy of my id and social security card as i was told. there is a freeze on my money because you have the wrong address on file
I am writing you to announce my arrival. I am sending you my Texas ID card for validation so that I may regain my Throne so that I may save the world and serve God as before. Jesus Aaron Christ Payne, iOS XXX Unix Uni Peg Eisus
because I have to fax documents because I didnt receive my taxes
I need a fax to send information to the IRS on dependents
we want to send to irs for -form 2553

pleas give us your e-mail address, your fax 859-669-5748
is too busy

thank you
i needed the irs fax number to fax my return back to them, and i still need to know who do i send the tax return too. whose attn:
my community club is trying to get a fein no..
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