OK. so you want to know which is the MOST reliable car there is.

probably you are in the market for a new or used cars and you want the little car to last long.

I think the most reliable car ever made is either the Honda civic or the Toyota corolla

But you might be surprise to know that the most reliable car ever made is not a car but rather the Volkswagen beetle. That car can go on for miles and miles. The engine is simple and it uses air to cool it instead of liquid like the other traditional cars, but the beetle is no longer in production so if I had to guess the current most reliable cars right now would have to be the Honda Civic or the Toyota Corolla.I am sorry to say that none of the American cars are very reliable.

American cars are made with very cheap parts. Where as the Japanese cars are made of higher quality materials and with higher tolerances in their engineering. Until I start to see American cars build with higher tolerances on their engineering, they will not as reliable as Asian Imports. I think that American manufacturers like GM FORD AND CHRYSLER make their cars not to last as long because they are thinking of money. They are being greedy. Why do I say that.?

Well, if they make cars last long, you wouldn't have to buy a new car more frequently. It makes sense from a business point of view. All they seem to think is about their pockets. I am a mechanic and I have worked on all kinds of automobiles, and I have to say when you replace the parts on each cars, the parts on the Asian Imports are made of higher quality, they last longer and are therefore more reliable. if you dont believe me. try this.. if you have a domestic car like a Ford or GM, look under the hood, look at the engine parts.. you will notice the parts look bulky and oversize.. why is that? its because they are cheaper to manufacture so they have to pay less to the employees who make them and they get to make more parts faster. but if they made good quality engineered parts, the parts wouldn't break as frequent.

let me give you an example. this is a pulley from a domestic car:

now, this is another pulley from an import car:

do you see the difference? better quality? The difference is clear. the first pulley is very simple in design, therefore, it will be easy to manufacture, thus, the car maker will pay less money to have it made. Now look at the second image of the import part. you can see that it will be more complicated to manufacture because of the engineering. and that is all i am saying here. American manufacturers need to engineer better parts for cars so they will last longer. simple. I am an American, and I love my country. I want America to be #1

American Manufacturers need to stop being so greedy and start making better cars if they ever want to get the trust of consumers... I have own a Dodge, Ford mustang and a Chevy car, I have also own a Toyota and a Nissan, and I would never buy a Dodge, Ford or GM car again. My first NEW car was a dodge Ram 1500, man, I only had it for one year, I bought it for $21000 in 1995, in 1996, I traded in for a Ford Mustang, in 1998 I traded the mustang for a used 1989 Maxima, I drove that Maxima until 2006 with over 280,000 miles, then I traded it for a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder, currently its what I am driving and it currently has 170,000 miles and still running strong. Last year I purchased a 2007 Toyota Yaris for commuting, it I love it, it has 40k miles per gallon. runs great and nothing has been broken. only thing I've done is change the oil and air filter. wow!! I love it.

One thing I will give American car makers is 'innovation'. they come up with good new features, but the the Japanese get them perfected. Also, remember that these import cars, are not actually made outside the U.S.A - many are made by Americans, so its not that American workers are making cheap cars, but rather the Company. For example, many of Toyota's cars, are built and manufacture here in America by Americans.