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This is the Official Main IRS 800 # Toll Free Phone Number To Call the Internal Revenue Services regarding your taxes. You can contact the IRS for free and speak to an IRS agent who can help you answer question about your taxes and your tax refund.

IRS Toll Free Main Number: 1-800-829-1040

NOTE: This is the main number for the IRS. Please read the replies below from people who have called the IRS. They have found ways to get an agent immediately instead of going through the prompts. There is helpful information so you can skip the automation prompts and get a real IRS representative. Although the automation system they have pretty much can answer many questions you may have.

Here are some other useful numbers:

IRS E-file Help Desk Phone number: 1-866-255-0654 - Call this number for e-filing assistance.

Tax Practitioner Hotline: 1-866-860-4259 - Tax assistance for Tax Preparers. This number is only for people who prepare taxes for other tax payers.

Main Tax Assistance: 1-800-829-1040 - Tax assistance for Taxpayers. this is the IRS main number give i gave you above.

TeleTax: 1-800-829-4477 - Has recorded tax information and automated refund information. call this number if you just want to hear information and not talk to a person

IRS Business Assistance: 1-800-829-4933 - Call this number if you want to talk to an agent about your business, not your personal taxes.

Refund Status: 1-800-829-1954 - Call this number if you just want to find out what is the status of your refund. you will need the exact amount you are owed to be able to get this information. so have it ready before you call.

Social Security Administration: 1-800-772-1213 - call the Social Security office if you are having problems with your social security. i just put this number here because is useful to have.

UPDATE: if you are tired of calling and you want to bypass the automated greeting when you call, just follow the steps provided on this post: how to talk to a person when you call the irs

Hello everyone, as you know, every year as Americans, we have to pay our taxes at the beginning of the year. So I added the irs numbers here because i wanted to get the IRS phone number and it was hard to find the numbers for the irs. so i thout i should put their numbers for all the states here, if anyone asks where you can get the irs number, you can give them these numbers. be careful when you call them because its different when you call the IRS for business. if you have a business, you dont need a social security number, you need an EIN number which you have to get through the IRS.

also you can use these numbers to get an application, is call them and ask them. for example, i lived in California and texas, so it will be different for you.. i hope i was able to help you in obtaining a lookup to obtain the internal revenue service numbers. many people use these numbers for finding the status of their refund. it has been my experience when i apply for a for a ei i dont know how do i get a toll free number because there were so many for different services. so i go this number for free when i called the irs and told them i want to know how to obtain a tax estate 800. just like you and me, i used this number as reference for my irs contacts. this year i had to pay taxes i did not get a refund which sucks because my employer change my w4 to non profit, but now i have corrected it.

if you have a business or a company like an llc or corporation inc or a small business, you have to call a different number. you can use this number for like property taxes representative individual taxpayer identification sales federal school. sometimes they can help you with services like employer id. the information required to for them to give you, you will need your social security and depending on your service call, you will need a code registration for the telefile (aka efile) if you applied online on the internet through the IRS website. i have a fein so i didnt have to fill out a new form, but you will if you need a new number, tin or itin or whatever you you call it. since i live in California, all employers provides some information about your taxes, i even talked to my employer about my w9,w2,w4,ss4 forms when i was at work, so if you are calling regarding a work related question that involves your job, i would recommend that you call them from you work. otherwise, you will have to lookup your SSN support account and follow the instructions on the phone. they have an automated service which if you follow the instructions, it will give you the answer you are looking for. well, most of the times. not always.

i can't believe tomorrow is the deadline, so i better send my tax refund this year early so i get my paycheck really quick. but today i have to call the IRS because i didnt get a w2 form from my employer so according to the instructions i have to call them before i send them my refund which i dont know why. hopefully everything goes well when i call them. What im thinking its going to happen is that they will say. ok sir send your refund form and thank you for notifying us of this. i am curious to know what they are going to say, and to be honest with you i am going to get a representative or agent who has been on the phone all day. it must be a pretty hard job to do, to talk to people on the phone all day answering their tax questions. my advice, is just be calm and understand that they do this everyday, have a little patience.. oh well its 651 am now, so im thinking they will open at 7am pacific time, so i have 9 minutes to wait.


sent in a corrected irs 1040 on 1/29/14 and have not received my extra refund that is due me approx. $177.00. resent it on 3/25 registered mail and still no response. how can i get an answer and even more so my money?
someone from navato ca. continues to call. he sounds foreign and i'm sure the irs would send me some form of notification. please advise on how to handle this.
i am really sick and tired of you people. i efile my return with vita here in san antonio texas months ago and you still have not refunded my money, what is the hold up???????
1. can we deduct any portion of our ymca membership cost not covered by medicare or our secondary insurance?
2. we have incurred large medical/dental expenses and have paid for it with a credit card. in 2013 we refinanced our home to pay some of these credit cards off. how do we determine what amount we can deduct as medical expenses?
iam still waiting on my taxes it's been six weeks
i lost my daughter's w-2 form somewhere in the house. i need a new one so we can do her taxes. how do i do that?
it has been 6 weeks i was wanting to know where my refund was or if something is wrong?
my son has an offset from solano county social services against his fed refund. we verified this from the automated treasury phone line. however, he has gotten this cleared with social services (received a letter from them that the debt is dismissed) and that they will contact the irs. unfortuantely, this process will probably take soon time to get removed from their records. what would be the best thing to do. it's
april 5 and getting close to filing date. should he file a continuance?
[r3t0 for any input.
hello. i was wondering where do i get information from regarding son filed taxes using my son and i don't know who did it? can you help me out with this issue.
i received a letter about updating my address which i did and the telephone number i got on the letter says that the offices are closed
in filling out mother's taxes, we need to get a "program kit" for health coverage tax credit in order to deduct the expenses incurred for 2013. she is 82 and diagnosed by a psychiatrist with dementia, depression and anxiety. she is in an assisted living facility which provides round the clock care including bathing, meals, medications dispensing and care when she falls or gets confused. please advise how to receive this. thanks!
i was asked to show my returns from 06,07,08,09, because they did not have them on file. apparently there was a number that was wrong on all four of those years filed. i brought them in and got the number changed. because the one number was off for those years, the irs has kept my refunds for 2011, 2012, 2013. now that the issue has been corrected, when will i get those refunds that i had coming for those years listed? when will the lien come off of my credit report aswell?.
wana check on my refund
i e filed my 1040 2-24-14 but have not received my paper check thus far. i was wondering if i can find out where my refund is. help. thanks. danny & vanessa gress.
i need the form they era suppose to send me in30 days
i am looking for a boy friend too to do my taxes. this is so hard to do. the agent who does my taxes charges me $200 each year. i want to learn to do it myself, but its so complicated. and if you call these people they never answer. specially at this time of the year.
as great as she looks ill gladly type it in
looking for a boyfriend to do your taxes. lmao, what has this world come to. it's all data entry... this just looks desperate.
hi beautiful girls....i will do your taxes if you are in the chicago area.
my stepbrother told me i was getting auttied by the irs i've tried to contact ya office i got the number off line went through the steps and still i have not been abel to contact a real pearson i kno i have messed my taxs up i've had a few persnal problems in tnpast three years but now i have a real job and yes i'm trying to get my life straight i kno it's no ecscuse but i'm trying my hardest my # Four Two Eight -Three Three -For Zero Two Seven Seven please please contacted me asap
i wonna know whats going on with my refund
i need the phone number for irs tax return transcript for 2013. thank you
when will i get my refund.has my file been return because i forgot to put my w-2 form in with my return. my refund amount is $21.33.i think i sent it out the end of feb.2014. this is my federal taxes.i sent it to department of the treasury internal revenue service kansas city ,mo. 64999-0015. could you help me with this issue.thank you,camellia
nee total amount of taxes owed
want to talk to them to see where is my refund
i am not being able to get no information about my tax return
i got call from irs this morning to call back at (***)*** 7014 but the line is not answering so i need the right phone number
the irs web sit told me that my refunds wuz sent to my accont on march 5 2014 and it told me if it dont come before the 10 of march, call the irs i need a anwser.. whats goin on...
i need the irs number so that i can find out why i haven't received my refund yet
pl.trace this number which is 1 8887051251. theyhave been harassing me and few of my friends by calling - at - odd hours. it has happened few time & it needs to be stopped. they even make #loveual comments which is embarrassing. pl. help us .
i havent receive my return yet who do i contact abut it and its been over six weeks
i was told that i need a form from social security that gives me the total that i was paid last year (2013) through my social security. i have the forms that tell me how much the service planned to pay but i do not have one that gives the total actually paid and i do not even know the name or number for this form. i realize these numbers are the same, but the preparers don't believe me. i need this form for both my wife and my self. her name is muriel earline lumpkin. the aarp is reviewing my forms on thursday morning. thank you for your time in trouble with this problem.
go to www, and create an account for both you and your wife. once you create an account you will have access to your individual social security information. you will have to create an account for each of you. the form they are needing is the form ssa-1099. i don't know if you can print the information once you create your account, but you should be able to request it online without having to wait on the phone. if you don't know how to create your account call 1-800-772-1213 m-f 7am to 7pm. give them your ss# and tell them you need form ssa-1099 for 2013. you will each need to talk to the representative unless you have authority to speak on your wife's behalf.
i a'm using turbo tax to file my 2013 income tax. turbo tax is telling me that i can't complete my return,because the irs doesnot have forms 1040a,schedule-b and the payment voucher available to e-file my return.turbo tax is saying that they will be available soon. we only have 4 weeks to file. what is going on with the irs,that these forms are not ready?
i need my previous years w2's sent to me for....2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012.
i have same problem
our taxes have been e-filed for 2013, on your irs where is my refund site it states that our refund was deposited on march 12, 2014, however it has not arrived in our account as of yet. i called our preparer and we checked the account # that the refund was credited too, which it is wrong they had put in too many 0. the preparer stated that we would get a paper check. i want to verify this information, as to when this process would be completed.
thank you
thomas and sharon polk
have not received my refund it been 5 weeks
enouph is enouph my name is arturo jr.....!!!!!!not senoir!!!!!! 2 years ago i faxed over my id and my ssn to prove it is me and not my dad ....he has his own ssn ....he is the one that owes not me can you leave my money alone .im hoping yall get your job done right .....its not fair that i have to wait again for your mistake do i faxed my info & my dads again to yall ..... what do i have to do to end this nightmare !!!!!!
i need my taxes pin
call the 1800 # once they verify who you are,they will give it to you
i have looked at everyone's suggestions and tried each and everyone of them but they are not working!!!! im getting really frustrated because i e-filed my taxes with h&r block on fed 14th!! i cant seem to get a clear answer about where my refund is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how do you get assistance from an irs personel instead of the machine

thank you
what number would i call for a change of address ?
it has been over the 21 days and i still have not received my taxes. can you please tell me when i should receive it?

thank you,
michelle cortez
need my pin number so i can get my refund
i did not reciee w2 from employer that went out of business last year.i
hello, due to medical reasons i needed to withdraw money from my retirement account. i need the correct tax form sent to me that will enable me to not pay the 10 percent early withdrawal penalty. thank you.
i have a question. i got divorced this year and had a qdro for my portion of my ex husbands 401 k. i have been told that i may not have to pay the 10% penalty for early withdraw because of the divorce. i need to know if this is true, so i know how much to pull out to pay my lawyers fees.
-michelle 2104516753181
i have questions in regards to my tax filing year 2010, 2011, and 2012. i received a call from a man who said i'm being charge with tax fraud that i am not aware of doing and said i need to pay 2200.00 in full today in order to clear any debt with the irs... my problem is i never receive any notice from the irs and need to speak to someone to clear my name or anything i need to do if i owe the irs or if the phone call i receive was a scam... please reply to me asap so i can get this matter resolve. the office was called danny
(202)4518034723. please contact me immediately if i'm being scam or if the phone call was true i would like to get this matter resolve. thank you .
need a copy of my state texas transcript i was told and got a letter that says i'll $7,000 when i requested the tax form online it said the address that match i have been at my address for 30 years so i need a representative to call me and make sure that all of this is correct need copies of my state taxes transcript my name is pamela white my contact number is 3174514105367
i put wrong number in social security block put in Six Two One Five Six One For Zero Eight Four should have been Four For Zero Nine -Eight One -Five One For Zero Three what do i need to do
take your social off the internet people will steal your indentity
thats not a real social security number. hahahaha, she fooled you carolee

bu yeah, you should not put your social on the internet
to find out if t h e firm i sent in has been received the 8379
i would like to know how i report tax fraud on a latasha in 2011,2012
question about a tax return that has been filed.
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