To talk to a live agent at the IRS, its very hard. but you can do it. you just have to follow the prompts. there are no shortcuts or secrets to getting an agent on the phone. follow these steps for example:

1. Call 1800 829 1040
2. press 1 for English
follow the prompts for your particular question.

NOTE: you will need your social security number. if you DO NOT have your social security number, the system will not let you go any further and it will give you instructions to call back when you have your social security number.

WARNING: i see that many people have commented that they are getting calls from the IRS. If anyone says they are from the IRS, they are FRAUD. Don't fall for these SCAMS. The IRS will never call you at random. If you are being sued by the IRS, you will receive a letter, not a phone call. or if the IRS calls you, is because you have asked them to call you. so if you get a call from the IRS asking for money.. BEWARE!!! is a SCAM. just hang up the phone. if they continue to harass you, call the police to investigate.

To talk to a live person at the IRS is very hard sometimes. Specially when its tax season. When I would call their number, i would always get an automatic respond system (machine robot) that gives you confusing prompts. I would sit through them waiting to see which prompt I would need, waiting for the last one hoping the next prompt is mine.... But to my disappointment, none of the prompts applied to my request..

The question is, how can I talk to an IRS agent directly and bypass all that recording... it was easy, all you had to do is keep pressing the # in your phone and it the system would transfer me to an a live person. They often update or change their answering system so this stopped working.

Fortunately, with all the comments from people like you, they've found a way to bypass the machine. as of April 2014, RKW method is the current way. Look for RKW's comments below.

If you found a better way, please let us know and leave your comments.

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