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I will show you how to talk to a real live person at the IRS when you call their toll free 800 # phone number. Getting a live agent is sometimes hard, this page will give you tips and shortcuts to get a live person when you call the IRS office
To talk to a live person at the IRS is very hard sometimes. Specially when its tax season. When I would call their number, i would always get an automatic respond system (machine robot) that gives you confusing prompts. I would sit through them waiting to see which prompt I would need, waiting for the last one hoping the next prompt is mine.... But to my disappointment, none of the prompts applied to my request..

The question is, how can I talk to an IRS agent directly and bypass all that recording... it was easy, all you had to do is keep pressing the # in your phone and it the system would transfer me to an a live person. They often update or change their answering system so this stopped working.

Fortunately, with all the comments from people like you, they've found a way to bypass the machine. as of April 2014, RKW method is the current way. Look for RKW's comments below.

If you found a better way, please let us know and leave your comments.

Dont forget to give a 'Thumbs Up' if someone's comments worked. :)
it does work to call the 800 number but you have to press at the button for "information about personal taxes" on the first menu. from the second menu just let the options list run until it transfers you. it's basically the same but you can't do it form the first menu anymore. i just did it and it worked fine.
wow!!!! i'm actually getting through after weeks of trying.....thanks!!!!
this method worked for me, thank you!
this actually worked just like he said, i went through on april 18
thanks rkwl today is 4/16/14. the "keep holding and let the options run" method worked for me. now i am on hold, and the wait time is between 15 and 30 minutes. i am at work, so will see how this works for me!
it worked rkw but i've been on hold for about 15 minutes now.
just call 1 800 829 1040 press 1 for english then press 2 for personal taxes just let the menu run over and over it will transfer u to a live rep im on the phone now waiting for a live rep. be prepaired to wait. do not hang up!!!!! today is 3/28/14 pass this info along...
4-10-2014 - at - 3:15 want to speak to a live person? press 1 then press 2 then don't press anything and you get transferred to a live person! yay!
rkw's method worked for me. many thanks to rkw. i filed jan 27th and my return was accepted by the irs on jan 29th. my status went from "being processed" to not found with no other information.
do as rkw says and press 1 for english (unless you want spanish, then press 2), then 2 for "questions about personal taxes". after that don't press anything. it will eventually go to a live person. i got a live person right away but he transferred me to the right place and was on hold for 20 minutes so you have to be prepared to wait.
hi like rkw said call the num press the option for personal taxes then let the menue just keep going dont press anything u will be transferred to a live representative.. i just did it it does work today is 3/ 21/ 14 they might tell u the call volume is to high now and to call back,but i actually spoke to a person do it
doesn't work any longer. whether, waiting and not pressing anything, pressing ### or pressing 0, i got "we are unable to process your call at this time. please try again later" and they disconnect.
the only way it worked for me was to press the # key as the person below stated.
then i got transferred, and because of high volume i got a recording to call back later or on the next business day. couldn't be put on hold. :~[
press the # after pressing 2 and ask to speak to a live person.otherwise they transfer you back again, this will work.
i want to talk to a real person this is so frustrating and i tried the other methods i used the account # on the deposit slip and they kicked it out at the bank it tells me that doesn't sound right irs had the routing # and account # why wouldn't that work
thank you so much your method worked perfectly.
althoug when i got thru it was a 30 min wait. saved me a lot
of time and frustration trying to get to a live person even with the 30 min. wait. once again thank you
my taxes were automatically sent to the irs on february 2, 2014. your website keeps saying being processed. i tried calling and i can't get a live person. i tried all the different ways of trying to get through to you. i need to know what is happening.
i tried all ways no answer tryin to get thru its very difficult
i was wondering if there was a reason why it's taking so long to get my refund i submitted it on the 25th of jan. through taxact dot com and excepted on the 29th is there a reason why it's taking so long and if there is would u please let me know thank you .
my tax return is still saying processing when will i get a date,its been 2 weeks
any body find our any refund info
i did my tax's on the 2 and its still saying processing i need to speak to a live person
when will i get my taxing it's been a mouth from february Four th ssi Five Three Five -Six Four -Four Eight One For Zero marr joint Eight For Zero For Zero For Zero .For Zero For Zero can u e mail me
hi! the reason i;m contacting you is because i'm afraid my daughter is going to get in trouble with you. her name is beverly . my brother robert lives in pottsville,pa. his son robert jr. lives with him also. he workes. his father said to bev he needs someone to claim on his income tax. and she said she would do it. she does not live with them. and i told her not to do it she would get in trouble. i just wanted to let you know before it happens. thank you! diane
I wish to know the balance of my tax debt for the years 2010 and 2011. I Paid some of it off with my 2012 tax returns. Please send me the balance so that I might continue to pay it off.
confirmed. press ### and waiting doesn't work anymore. game over.
they hang up on u doesnt work
i will like to know how can i find out who have put me on there income taxes with out my past so right now
when i filed last year, i was due a refund and never received it , how do i resolve this ?
please can you help mi in send the tax id for my business.
b/f general contractors or call mi at Five For Zero Three Five Four Eight -Eight Four For Zero For Zero
i am a member of the first ame church and we need to verfiy our tax id number: 658-6111721. please mail a letter to the church so we can give this information to the banks and outher vendor.
how do you find out if you ole from years back and how much and where to send it
i have a minor daughter, whom i pay child support on, and it has brought to my attention that my ex-wifes boyfriend{husband}is threatening to claim my daughter on his income tax, he has left the state of florida and has only one child with her, the other two don't belong to him,one is mine. he goes under these names, allenj.or allen j. ; my ex's name is lynda .in our divorce agreement, she claims the daughter we share one year, and i claim her the next year. last year, she claimed earned income credit on her, but it was my year, and now this year,he thinks he can claim a child that is not his. is this legal.he is trying to beat us to the punch by claiming them first. i only want to claim my daughter. what can i do to stop this?
THANK YOU!!! I had been trying for days to navigate through their prompts when I knew I needed to talk to a live person! Took your advise it worked!!!
i don't see on my work history,all the employment i have worked.(2)..i also want to know when can i start getting my work
retirement funds?1st irs needs to add all my employment funds!for time worked!
worked like a charm. # sign a couple times and straight to a real human
never filed taxes and I have been asked for a pin # or agi and I don't have either one...
Thank you so much!!! I just love what you can find on the internet!!
Filed taxes on Feb. 16th and have not received refund! What is the holdup?
using #### really works. thanks
I'm recieving an email from ( telling me that I am qualified for a 2013 subsidy benifit.
Is this a legitimit e-mail form the Internal Revenue Service?
Thank You so much...I had to wait for a while on the phone but it was worth it...I love the Internet!!
i want to know if my tax is filled or not .Because I send to some body to prepare my tax . Even if call him , he doesn't answer me. if I file,it will be double filling therefore i have to be sure before I fill .
Been long I had not receive my tax
The ### trick worked. talked to a helpful person.

H+R Block bade a huge mistake with their software and I'm never going there again. 21 days for a refund? more like 3 months
Same here Turbo made a -600 dollar mistake on mine and I still haven't gotten my refund after electronicaly submitting it 25 days ago:-(
yea it works but you sit on the phone for almost a hour after they transfer you its crazy!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! It really worked , I filed my taxes over 12 weeks ago, and the status still shows pending. Finally I got to speak with a real Live person. It's sad that all the money collected by IRS that they would make it so difficult to speak with an live customer service person.
I've been trying to get a real live person from the IRS for weeks now! This worked immediately! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
#### worked for me a total time of waiting and resolving an issue was 50 minutes all together, problem solved Thanks a mil for the info
WORKED! Pushed # four times, #### and it got me right through!!! THANK YOU!
My boyfriend has not paid taxes since 2005. IRS estimated his 2006 taxes and filed for him. He has been getting letters from IRS for years now and no one has done anything or made any attempt to collect. His total salary per year is over $155,000.00 and he has a military retirement of $23,000. He has a bank account and no one has ever taken any money and no tax liens. I don't understand.
not pushihg any buttons or responding at all got me thru to operator. then waited 5 mins.
Went to file with H & R Block and thy called me back and notified me taxes were denied because my son had file already, he would not, or could not, he is Autistic. Does not know how to do them or what to use for taxes bcause I handle all his affairs. I could not find form 3949a. I am in the hospital and need to have this stopped immediately. I need to talk to someone, taxes are due Monday 15, 2013, please help. Thank you.
My tax payers number has already used on a return but it wasn't me! What can I do?
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