Are You Compatible With Indian Women

This quiz will evaluate if you are compatible with Indian women. Indian women often look for foreign husband. Take this exam to see if you have what an Indian woman looks for in a an American man.
hi, my name is andrew. i love meeting new people. i would like to know if there is any indian girl out there who would be interested in meetin a caucasian white male. i love going out and having fun. i like a smart girl, someone i can have a long conversation with. i am very romantic and passionate. i like nature, so the outdoors is a must. i love seeing new places and learning about life in general. if there is one indian girl out there who would like to know about me, i would be interested in knowing more about you. if you are interested reply to my post here. as soon as you reply i've been told that i should get reply back from people who reply to me. thanks. will be looking forward to meeting a nice indian woman. thanks
What Is The Most Important Characteristic In A Man For You?
honesty understanding caring loyal
good heart
loyalty to his family
the size of his #chicken#.
kindness,humanity,and of course a person of values
kindness,peace,satisfacti content ,hope,love,unity
big heart
im not a man
kindness, humor, etc...
honour / loyalty
No One Is Perfect In This World, What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
i put myself last before everybody else
being naive
i am an agent
too nice
keeping this demanding world from tearing down my purpose
i m short tempered
What Is Your Proudest Achievement In Life?
i raised two daughters to be smarter and better than me
to make others happy
no #love- without a condom
make my parents proud of me
my plbus collection
my self respect
raising 3 incredible children who are engaged in giving back to the world
my children
by being myself
my children
i have a photo in newspaper,and make my friend happy
How Many Children Would You Like To Have With Your Husband?
2 or maximum 3
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life Right Now?
my children
my father
my mother
my family
my family and riddhi
the person who needs me most
my friends and family
Describe How Will You Make Your Husband Happy.
tease him
be loyal
whatever it takes him happy
by loving him and understanding him
the way he wants