I Like Him,does He Like Me Back? Love Quiz

can you tell me what are your secrets to make a boy fall in love with a girl. i mean what do i have to do to make him love me. i've tried everything, well, not everything but i've done so many thing to hint to him that i like him but he just doesn't get it. i've known him for like 4 months now and he doesn't realize that i like him and i've fallin in love with him. and i am scared because i don't know if i can handle it if he doesn't like me just as much as i love him.

UPDATE: Now if you are wondering how to make a guy fall in love with you. Maybe i can tell you. this is what happened to me. there was this guy, his name was larry, we used to have a class together and he would stare and at me and sometimes i would look at him. many times we caught each other starting but never spoke a word. at first, he was very shy and i am very shy so we didnt get anywhere so here are my tips:

1. SMILE: if he stares at you and you catch him, smile back at him. this is a sign that you like him, without having to tell him

2. HYGIENE: Be sure to keep yourself groomed. Shower everyday and brush your teeth. Avoid having bad breath. Use deodorant if you sweat a lot. shave your legs and armpits. its a turn off when a girl doesnt take care of herself.

3. SMART: show him you are a smart girl. for example, if you have a class together, put extra effort in that class so you can get an A on it.

4. Play hard to get... really? does this really work? yes, it does. but not on all guys. usually works on guys who are outgoing. but not for shy guys. so if your guy is shy, dont play hard to get. be more serious. but if you are a serious about a relationship with this guy, dont play games.

5. Flirt: flirting is a way to show a guy you like him. avoid drama.

ok, so what if you've done all this and its not working.. if you've already try some of these things, then maybe you have to accept the fact that he doesnt like you as much as you do. it happens. what you do is you move on.

what have you done to make him like you? please tell me!
What Is Your Favorite Song?
this kiss
never forget you zara
who better- christon gray
want you back
dont have one
one wish
paramore - crushcrushcrush and eminem lose yourself
chains by nick jonas
taylor swift
peaches and cream
get on your knees
boyfriend material ariana grande
not the only one
love bites
night changes
burning house
kill of the night
brass in pocket
How Do You Think He Would Respond If You Told Him That You Loved Him?
you should have told me before
i love you too!
#you know what#s
you are my friend
i dont know
he would maybe agree
he would smile but not sure that he would accept the proposal
he would blush
not surprised
aww really
i thnk he will act up n then say yes
he would be surprised and say he loves me to
he already knows
i have no idea!
i would tell him i think his cute
be surprised and flattered and smile
freak out
he wont reply thats what i think
too soon
he would say he loves me too
What Would Be His Reaction If You Were To Stare At Him?
he would blush and look at me when i look away
he would stare at me
he would stare back and smile
stare back
he would stare back at me
he will do nothing
he would stare back
stare balk at me and i would look away
he would blush or smile
i have no idea
look at me and move his eyebrows up and down
he will also stare at me
smile at me
he stare at me
he would look away, stare back for a long time, or blush
why are you staring at me???
looking back and stare
he would blush a lot and stare at the floor
What Is Your Relationship Status Right Now?
break up single
in a realationship with him
we are very close friends
taken/but it is weird
single since birth
single and ready to mingle
single but crushing
old friends
i am already in a relationship with someone else.. but getting attracted to the other guy
Where Did You First Met Him?
at a party
wala man. kay bring home quiz nani
at school. i was new, and i was in the library with some girls who were talking about their crushes. one girl said him. he looked puzzled, but then he looked me in the eyes, smiled, and waved.
the first day of sixth grade
at the cafeteria
i met him cause of my friend
at school
at summer camp
in the class
math class
at my house for the first time i was in my room and he was friends with my brother.
How Old Is He?
same as mine
my age
around my age
maybe 33 pr 36
im not sure
13 or 12
dont know
same age as me
11 or 12
he is 21
idk 16?
Describe His Personality
confident, sweet, funny
nice, but mean at the same time,#silly
very shy and talks only to his friends
he is cute and kind and nice but shame ful
really confident and clever but sometime moody
funny, cute, out going
smart, witty, nice
smart and decent
he is nice and sometimes makes me laugh and also gives great hugs
cute, deep
he is so sweet, kind, shy and quiet
chill guy and seems funny
confident, intelligent, driven,
funny,kind,atletic,someti mean but not to me
i dont know him. he was working but also looking at me whenever id pass by
cute funny nice
loving, protective
sweet, funny, nice, charming
kind, funny, really sweet
If You Talk To Him Ever, What Do You Talk To Him About. (if You Don't Talk To Him, Just Enter 'none' And Please Dont Say Random Stuff. Be Creative)
he is a sporty guy me too i will ask about that
life or work
school or about tv
he loves pokemon sooo i guess that
school stuff and others
id say random things
well what happened or ask questions
career&am to join
sometimes his friends
random stuff. he usually starts the conversation first.
interests like sport music favorite country
like hi or how you doin
dirty stuff
we talked about parking
life, people, work, mistakes in the past
i guess..i will be talking to him about studies..he is good at studies and me too..i will be asking him for help in a physics question
Have You Ever Had A Dream About Him? If So, Tell Me Something About The Dream. If You Havent Dream About Him, Tell Me What Sort Of Dream You Would Like To Dream About Him?
we would hug by accident
yes, about how the relationship would work out
never thought about it
doing things together
be his girlfriend
i had a dream about us kissing
i wish i could be a nice dream not one of those dreams where you have hardcore #love-
romantic dream
i had a dream about having a long conversation with him
yes, kissing and holding hands
yes i have dreamed about him and it was that we were togthere
him telling he loves me
him asking me out
i dreamt that he asked out my friend and i was sad
him saying do you wsnt to go out
yes we got married and he kicked his ex crush
my crush threw the basketball and i was on a different team but i caught the ball and shot it in and then i said thank you and then he started laughing and fell on the floor.
yes and in my dreams i always see him talking to me by giving me wide smile.
Do You Think That You Would Need To Make Yourself Pretty For Him? And Do Not Answer With What You Think Of Yourself!
of course
yes, i think i would need to.
not at all
yeah kinda
i dont want to change my personallity and i think i and i am a little of a tomboy
yes i need to be pretty for him
yes i do make my self pretty by dressy like a #bad lady#
i really dont know, hes never complmented me... but he always glances, or looks at me
i sometimes did but i sometimes did not. i also want him to "like&am me with all of my flaws
no he
yes , he likes pretty girls
relationship is not essentially about beauty
i would wear nicer clothes and smell good thats all. and smile alot
nananana banana
maybe... :)
a little hot
no i think he likes me how i am
What Do You LOVE The Most About Yourself?
how i can learn easily
my personality
being pretty
being funny
my smile
my kindness
my personality
that im tall, kind and talented
my eyes
my creativity
my sense of humor maybe
my eyes
iam what iam
my love for everyone
he nice to me we talk
not sure
What Do You HATE The Most About Yourself?
my clumsiness
my face
my teeth
i am a different person at school than at home
how shy i get around guys.
my teeth
that whenever someone brings my hopes really down i take it so hard on my self
my mollle
my insecurity
small #c h e s t#s
i swear alot
my smile
i dont really know...
that im chubby
What Do You LOVE The Most About HIM?
his personality
his intelligence, height, cute smile and most of all i love when he stares at me.
he is quite
his eyes
he is really sweet and dresses really nice.
his kind personality
his personality
his personality.
his smile and personality
his face :)
his good grades and his running abilty and being able to be nice to everyone
he is very nice to me
his personality to always make people laugh
his voice
his hair and personality
his hair and the way he teases me
What Do You HATE The Most About HIM?
too shy
that he has a girlfriend
teasing everybody
his attitude
the way he talks to another girl
that he has a girlfriend
somethings bad
he has a girlfriend
he is friends with one of the very popular girls that i hate but besides that boghing
the fact that he feels like he has to act #silly to make people like him and to make people laugh
when he gives me this death stare so i know i have done something wrong
his shyness
i cant find anything
he sometimes lies to me, he says was is on his mind which is bad for me,
he stares at me all the time
go #love# yourself