I Like Him,does He Like Me Back? Love Quiz

can you tell me what are your secrets to make a boy fall in love with a girl. i mean what do i have to do to make him love me. i've tried everything, well, not everything but i've done so many thing to hint to him that i like him but he just doesn't get it. i've known him for like 4 months now and he doesn't realize that i like him and i've fallin in love with him. and i am scared because i don't know if i can handle it if he doesn't like me just as much as i love him.

UPDATE: Now if you are wondering how to make a guy fall in love with you. Maybe i can tell you. this is what happened to me. there was this guy, his name was larry, we used to have a class together and he would stare and at me and sometimes i would look at him. many times we caught each other starting but never spoke a word. at first, he was very shy and i am very shy so we didnt get anywhere so here are my tips:

1. SMILE: if he stares at you and you catch him, smile back at him. this is a sign that you like him, without having to tell him

2. HYGIENE: Be sure to keep yourself groomed. Shower everyday and brush your teeth. Avoid having bad breath. Use deodorant if you sweat a lot. shave your legs and armpits. its a turn off when a girl doesnt take care of herself.

3. SMART: show him you are a smart girl. for example, if you have a class together, put extra effort in that class so you can get an A on it.

4. Play hard to get... really? does this really work? yes, it does. but not on all guys. usually works on guys who are outgoing. but not for shy guys. so if your guy is shy, dont play hard to get. be more serious. but if you are a serious about a relationship with this guy, dont play games.

5. Flirt: flirting is a way to show a guy you like him. avoid drama.

ok, so what if you've done all this and its not working.. if you've already try some of these things, then maybe you have to accept the fact that he doesnt like you as much as you do. it happens. what you do is you move on.

what have you done to make him like you? please tell me!
What Is Your Favorite Song?
good for u
honesty billy joel
21 guns
a place in this world
nearness of you
birthday cake
right here
the impossible dream
love cats
the party after the after party
uptown funk
clean by taylor swift
la la la
earned it
time of our life
what do you mean
shake it off
Have You Ever Spoken To Him In Person?
i dunno man
life of the party -shawn mendes
gnash i hate you i love you
dancing queen
love you like that
sanam re
Does He Call You Often To Ask How You Are Doing?
How Do You Think He Would Respond If You Told Him That You Loved Him?
say it back
i dont love you back but thanks
he would be surprised
my my feelings are
he would blush
im not sure but the signs he gives indicate his interested
just walk away embarrassed
he would hug me tight and kiss my head
loll really? omg
i do not know
not say yes straight away and wait to get to know him more
so what ever he would say
he would say prove it
really not sure.
he would smile and go away from there with his friend teasing him always about me
i love you too
he would be like okay or act happy
Do You Honestly Believe That He Loves You?
i love you too!
may be he dont like me
strong helping confident single want to remain single loyal to parents n to the one i care most
he will be happy and will respond same
he would be worried
um are you sure? / are u serious?
What Would Be His Reaction If You Were To Stare At Him?
he would look away
he will look awya
blush and smile
he would stare back
look away
he would smile and wave at me
he would lookbaway
he would smile or stare back
he will stare back at me
stare back and smile
he seems distracted
he would smile n stare back
he would do the same
creep out
stare back
just stare and leave.
moves his eyes
he would look back than look away
he would ask me why i am staring
he stared back with a mean look.
why would i stare at him
What Is Your Relationship Status Right Now?
simi friends
we break up. but i need him back
good friends
i am single , waiting for the right person ( probably him )
i first met him when i was 18 year old he but now i am only 22 year old i have my life doing lot of pian in to me so i flat make me sad i was worry at all so hurt me lot he try too say you always be heart he say to me i have many time he say to me lot time to me but now trun 23 year old my birthday come up soon in july 22 i am trun 23 i have my life change of me i have lot time some people give me more time i would to be in do it if you let go back to him and i want marry him first i would littil more time think about it if i have change my life and i would get too it
single ready to mingle
like classmates
single as #love#
mutual understandind?
single i am 11
single af
i wonder if he likes me or nah
Does He Know Your Name?
business colleagues
Where Did You First Met Him?
at school
sports club
in the hall
at school. i was new, and i was in the library with some girls who were talking about their crushes. one girl said him. he looked puzzled, but then he looked me in the eyes, smiled, and waved.
with frinds
our work place
at outside
in class
in my class
in the classroom
How Old Is He?
same age with me
he is 24
15 - 16
same age as me
my age
28 years
10 years old
year older than me
same as mine
Describe His Personality
well i dont ever get to hangout with him and we never have time to talk because we dont have any classes together. but we both go to afterschool toutoring. hes nice goofy and thats pretty much all i know right now
funny, goofy, talkative,cute
bio polar #nice# fine strong flirt
honest, smart, artistic, sweet
complains a lot and full of himself
funny, kinda random, super nice
tall, masculine, physically fit, good looking
nice sweet qiuet shy funny
gentle, thoughtful, kind
nice put can be a nob
shy , reserved and hard to read
wild but fragile
friendly & athletic
bold manly
funny, loud, awkward
funny, talkative and sporty
kind caring loving tolerant
nice athletic smart funny
he is often quiet & not talking to all the people he works with.
carefree, easygoing, funny, intelligent,
i dont really know like a little shy rebel
If You Talk To Him Ever, What Do You Talk To Him About. (if You Don't Talk To Him, Just Enter 'none' And Please Dont Say Random Stuff. Be Creative)
sports and school
anything and everything
random stuff
we have talked about how we both do lifeguarding and we have talked about our friends and bad class trips
school, our lives, common interests like mythology
about myself,about funny things
random things
we talk about random things that pops in our heads
stuff that we are doing or that is going on in our live$
random stuffs
school, new movies, new songs, random things
i wanna talk about our feelings
life work how our days are going
we talk about everything and anyting
future plans , dreams, relationships
uni stuff and our weekend
music , my family , school, parties,
work, school maybe a little personal stuff as well
work and abit social
masterbation, kissing, school, friends, drawing, anime, games, personal things
Does He Have Your Number?
we talk about funny things and we also talk about school. and sometimes we talk about ourselves
we will talk about meeting session but only for some study purpose where he is going to teach me something
if i want help
Have You Ever Had A Dream About Him? If So, Tell Me Something About The Dream. If You Havent Dream About Him, Tell Me What Sort Of Dream You Would Like To Dream About Him?
i want a #love- dream about him
we were married
having fun together
in my dream me and a group of friends were talking and he came up to me saying can i have a moment to talk to you alone and i said ok and he stood me near the wall and looked into my eyes and confessed that he liked me and if he could be my boyfriend and he kissed me
multiple ones
i kissed him
yes it was romantic
asking me out
yes we went to prom toghether
yes. he and i were walking and all of a sudden he told me he likes me.
yes, two days in a row. we were talking, i was holding him,he was sat beside me, we were so close.
yes us flirting alot
i dreamed that he asked me to the 5th grade graduation dance
just chatting
no and i dont know
he told me hes liked me for a while
yes. i dreamed that we were dating
we dated
i had z dream where we were at my house cuddled up just having a deep conversation
i had a dream that we kissed
he kissed me
Do You Think That You Would Need To Make Yourself Pretty For Him? And Do Not Answer With What You Think Of Yourself!
dunno.bt i like being me
nothing. he likes me the way i am
not really
i can if he wants me to
depends. i just want to be myself around him.
i think he likes me even without makeup
yes, as a matter of fact any flirting requires looking good.
OK, This Is A Hard Question, But You Have To Be Honest.. Do You Think You Are Pretty?
i am pretty enough. i would be happier to mould myself in a look or attitude and make it more beautiful that will make my personality better
What Do You LOVE The Most About Yourself?
my eyes
my friendliness, my wholesome smile
my smile and eyes
kind of my face,outfits,smartness,hu
i am caring and helpful
my humour
my eyes and cheeks
i am frendly in behaviour
i love my voice, my hair and my soul
my eyes or maybe hair
my ability to care, and love.
my jawline
my eye color
i try to be generous to others. i give as much as i can and i try not to be selfish and i overthink which decisions will be best for my peers
my hair
i love how selfless i am
my personality
eyes hair
What Do You HATE The Most About Yourself?
my ability to procrastinate alot
my stomach
am fat
my face
that im fat
my crazyness
my lips
my tummy
my straightforward mentality
my hips
i can be shy at points
my thighs
im overweight
my selfishness
my legs.
dont know
body and height
What Do You LOVE The Most About HIM?
his eyes
his personality
his personality
his personality
his personality.
he is handsome and quite
his looks
kindness and everything else
his eyes n smile
he inspires other people
his decency and humble nature
personality and hes cuteness
a gentleman
his humour and look
the way he carries himself
his eyes
his amazing voice
funny side
his kind hearted and sweet
What Do You HATE The Most About HIM?
that he has not talked to me yet
lack of communication
his hair
he always stares at me but hardly ever speaks
when he frowns when passing by me somtimes and when he dont look at my eyes when i look at him and when he continue walking sometimes and his head is facing the ground
mean with the girl who hates me
flirts with a lot of girls
he is younger
child behaviour
he can get a little annoying
he is popular so other girls like him and that i feel not good enough for him.
he has vices
he hugs other girls
Does He Compliment You?
he is not really talkative and responds with same thing
sometimes, his behavior towards me. dat is a bit confusing. at some time he is kind of a gentleman and do exactly everything so good. at one time he acts really mean, act barely we know each other. at one time stares at me, i feel the connection, at other time acts mean, he is weird