I Like Him,does He Like Me Back? Love Quiz

Take this informative quiz to test whether or not he likes you. If you want to know if a guy likes you or not, we recommend you take this quiz now.
can you tell me what are your secrets to make a boy fall in love with a girl. i mean what do i have to do to make him love me. i've tried everything, well, not everything but i've done so many thing to hint to him that i like him but he just doesn't get it. i've known him for like 4 months now and he doesn't realize that i like him and i've fallin in love with him. and i am scared because i don't know if i can handle it if he doesn't like me just as much as i love him.

UPDATE: Now if you are wondering how to make a guy fall in love with you. Maybe i can tell you. this is what happened to me. there was this guy, his name was larry, we used to have a class together and he would stare and at me and sometimes i would look at him. many times we caught each other starting but never spoke a word. at first, he was very shy and i am very shy so we didnt get anywhere so here are my tips:

1. SMILE: if he stares at you and you catch him, smile back at him. this is a sign that you like him, without having to tell him

2. HYGIENE: Be sure to keep yourself groomed. Shower everyday and brush your teeth. Avoid having bad breath. Use deodorant if you sweat a lot. shave your legs and armpits. its a turn off when a girl doesnt take care of herself.

3. SMART: show him you are a smart girl. for example, if you have a class together, put extra effort in that class so you can get an A on it.

4. Play hard to get... really? does this really work? yes, it does. but not on all guys. usually works on guys who are outgoing. but not for shy guys. so if your guy is shy, dont play hard to get. be more serious. but if you are a serious about a relationship with this guy, dont play games.

5. Flirt: flirting is a way to show a guy you like him. avoid drama.

ok, so what if you've done all this and its not working.. if you've already try some of these things, then maybe you have to accept the fact that he doesnt like you as much as you do. it happens. what you do is you move on.

what have you done to make him like you? please tell me!