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if you like a boy and you want to make him fall in love with you, this page will give you information on how you can make a guy like you. its a free love secret that no many girls know about boys. With these tips, you can make a boy like you alot
can you tell me what are your secrets to make a boy fall in love with a girl. i mean what do i have to do to make him love me. i've tried everything, well, not everything but i've done so many thing to hint to him that i like him but he just doesn't get it. i've known him for like 4 months now and he doesn't realize that i like him and i've fallin in love with him. and i am scared because i don't know if i can handle it if he doesn't like me just as much as i love him.

UPDATE: Now if you are wondering how to make a guy fall in love with you. Maybe i can tell you. this is what happened to me. there was this guy, his name was larry, we used to have a class together and he would stare and at me and sometimes i would look at him. many times we caught each other starting but never spoke a word. at first, he was very shy and i am very shy so we didnt get anywhere so here are my tips:

1. SMILE: if he stares at you and you catch him, smile back at him. this is a sign that you like him, without having to tell him

2. HYGIENE: Be sure to keep yourself groomed. Shower everyday and brush your teeth. Avoid having bad breath. Use deodorant if you sweat a lot. shave your legs and armpits. its a turn off when a girl doesnt take care of herself.

3. SMART: show him you are a smart girl. for example, if you have a class together, put extra effort in that class so you can get an A on it.

4. Play hard to get... really? does this really work? yes, it does. but not on all guys. usually works on guys who are outgoing. but not for shy guys. so if your guy is shy, dont play hard to get. be more serious. but if you are a serious about a relationship with this guy, dont play games.

5. Flirt: flirting is a way to show a guy you like him. avoid drama.

ok, so what if you've done all this and its not working.. if you've already try some of these things, then maybe you have to accept the fact that he doesnt like you as much as you do. it happens. what you do is you move on.

what have you done to make him like you? please tell me!
I really like this guy at school but i don't know if he likes me back... I have met him at the begining of the year but he is MEGA hot and friendly and we are friends... He said he likes talking to me and... well... want him to like me back... PLEASE! Any advice?
well i think that u need to just let the boy fall in love i dont know how but ethan my ex boyfriend still loves me but i'm dating someone else. he's real jealous now.
i want to make my cosine in love with me. but he dont talks to me and dont keeps intrust in me
you two are so werid, why would you love your own family like that. i hope you dont mean you love your cousing as in "love" love.. right?
oh!so sad. even my bf will not talk with me but he keeps staring at me.
me too!I also want my cousin to love but he doesn't pay to me any attention .
well,i tried sitting next to him a lot and i tried talking to him but its hard.but i think he likes me i don't know he always looks at me.what does it mean.but i really like him a lot and i want this to work.he is really special to me.were friends and all,but i want him to be my boyfriend.can u give some more suggestions for him to be my boyfriend.i want this to work.
my boyfriend is awesome he was the one i have always loved.
eventually he asked me out and now we're dating.
advice:[r3 him take time and don't push something onto him.
if he really likes you he'll take his time.
i like this boy named zach and his friend and zach said hot stuff to me
my problems are solved ethan and i are dating and my life is better than ever!
i am my cousin r gud frnds frst after that i dono how it happened but i fell in love with him very deeply me family membs also don have any objection regarding this but he don't have any love on me hez just treating me as a friend and saying that now im not ready to get into anyrelation i know every guy dreams to have a girl like u caring n loving but now i cant now what should i do have to forget r try i cnt forget him i tried to do it for 1 year but i culdnt do that
i really like this boy in my class his name is dae'shawn but i think he like me too because when i cry he try's to make me happy.
theres this biy that i like i love him his name is riely i do need to now how ti get riely to love me
there's this boy i really really really like and i don't know if he likes me he comes over to my house sometimes but we don't talk very much.he lives in another city than me and we don't go to the same school but our dad's work together

i need your advice what should i do if we live a couple minutes apart and never see him?¿?¿?¿
well i'm not a love expert myself but i think this boy likes u in a good way.
yes i have problems with boys myself but i have known over times when boys like me or some1 else.
cause its real obvious.
1. if the boy smiles at you
2. if he tries to make you laugh.
that's the rules i go by and i hope i helped u in some cause otherwise its a waste of time writing what i'm writing. :-\
there's this boy in my class and he is totally focused on another girl!
i try to show him i love him by talking to him smiling and everything!
but he just takes it as i like him as a really good friend.
jasmine, the girl he loves sooo much! i try really hard to find out what he dont like about me!
he's dated me before but only for 3 days. i always talk to him and never leave him out or be rude/ mean.

plea help me i need advice!

right, so i like this boy. he moved over to england and joined my school in year 3 and i liked him then. i moved to a different school in year 6 and we both are now in the same secondary school. i really like him now and well... i don't think he likes me at all. my friends tell me he's a player- but they don't know him. i have to admit he has had 4 girlfriends in 1 term and dumped them quite harshly- but he's hot and used to (i don't know whether he still is?!) be really kind! most of my friends like him (as a friend) and i would love to be his friend, but because i went to school with him, most of the time when he's no ignoring me he's taking the mickey out of me. i've tried to ignore him and tell myself i don't like him- but it's not working and now he's in my dreams!!!!!!!!! please help me i need advice
hey milly i can help you!!! so yu like this boy , well when yu see him again ask him what he likes to do in his life and ask him whats his favortie sport is and why? he will probably like yu if yu ask him a couple questions what he likes and tell him what yu like to do , you guys probably like the same things so....he will probably like yu if yu do the same things as he does ask him someday=)!!
help me!
there's a marsarade ball at the end and term. i'm planning on going!
i want this boy to ask me out but this other boy who really loves me keeps asking me out!
i want to make myself look good for the boy i like but stop the by who loves me loving me!

anythi any1 can give me for example... advice.... tips... etc..
thanks for any help! :-)
i like this boy named justin i really like him but there's this girl named karen that likes him what should i do should i punch her or should i just kiss justin in the mouth so i can make her jealous
i need a way for him to like me please help me
I am in year 17 and a boy in my class really likes me how can i interact with him?
i liked this boy since kindy but i don't no if he likes me how do i get a boy to like me
well u should see if he likes u try to see if he looks at u a lot or see if he smiles at u a lot i have a guy i like and i realy want to date him and he likes me back and i know it beacuse he looks at me a lot and always smiles at me ok girl try to figure it out lates
you are to young ally
I really l like this guy. maybe he's interested in me too. We just can't get to make the first move or start a conversation>
once i forgot my jacket at home and i went to school on a very cold day
and the boy i realy realy like gave me his jacket to borrow and smiled at me
do you think he likes me
it looks like he very likes u as not many boys would do that so ask him go and see how it goes
i haven't tried anything but i am ugly and fat so no one likes me
hes 14 n he don't know i love him
he's a very shy person
when he look at me i alwaiz smile but he look away
he's talkless
please can u tell me what 2 do
but i love 4 cats 7 dogs 1 goldfish and 100 boys but they dont know i love them oh no!!!!!!!

i just peed my pants i love them so much x
i fancy this boy that likes this ather girl and i realy like him i am the only girl that ever liked him and people say that he is descusting but i still like him he knows that i like him help me
just hang round with him and get friendly with him then just go for it after that
there's this boy named justin i really like him but there's this girl named karen that likes him to what should i do should i punch karen in the face or should i kiss justin in the mouth so i can make karen jealous or what
i'm not sure because all the boys i know come running for me so u must be ugly
i love hem but i don't know if he loves me. how i can make him fall in love with me?
i am in 4th grade and i have a crush on a boy named anthony but i don't know how to make him like me:(
awwww cute
try and get a chance to see him and bring a friend and see him x try and give him a little hug and when you sit down you give him a small friendly stare and smile soon his smile will fade and he will reach closer to you and you move in put your hands around his neck softly and slowly go in for the kiss xxx easy xxx
if you want maybe you could ask a friend to ask them if he likes you. though if he says no it might mean that he likes you but is being shy. or ask one of his friends.
i like someone who kind of has alot in comman with me but we never talk together but i would say that you should just mabie just be near him and play it cool.
wear short skirts be nice and put your and do your hair in great styles
and beware we all know what boys want!!!!
I like this boy named Tyric but im to afraid to ask him out and alot of other people thinks im ugly and looks like a boy.Any advice
It is the same thing for me,the boys are always saying I look like a boy,my advice is to say to the boy you like is do you want me to be your friend.
Try to put on make up and smile at him when he looks at you. Also get to know his friends and hang out with them when he's around.That is so he knows your cool.Don't giggle to much and blink your eye lashes 2 a minute.
it is the same with me just tell him how u feel
i like this boy but i don't think he likes me
he already knows i like him and he ignores me how can i make him fall for me
i think sharon is right me too he knows that i love him but he is timid to tell me that he loves me
thank u =-) so i just gotta be my self
just be ur self.
you don't talk with him. use aisa mehsoos karwao ki tum use pyar nahi karti . or uske samne jada ladko ko bulaya karo. taki use jalas feel ho.
u shcould get to know him so u dont date a noise piker or something like thate
i had this boy dating me and i wanna makehim fall in love with me again and how do u get a boy falling in love with u / do i help him out if he needs anything or make him laugh and cheer him up or make him more excitedment!!!
I wanna fall in love with someone, but dont know how to.
well... me too... but idk how to too...
i lik a boy name peanut we go to the same school but do he like me
i love my little brother he is so cute!!!!
hey i like this boy called cairo he is 5months older than me but he is in year 8 i am year 7 2014 january 26th is my bday i can tell he likes me because he waved smiled and winked at me and does all things to show that he does but there is thsi girl called rebecaa who is the same age as him but he known me for longer i dunnu what to do help
a boy he sey you love thes boy waht dat min?😅😕
i love a eis

i love a boy called james but i don't know how to say it help me!!!!!!! shall i say hi in a cute voice and touch him all the time?????? help!!!!!!!!!
Tell a friend that you can trust
And ask her if she could go and ask him "Do you like this person?"
And then tell her and see if she has the confudence to ask him out
hello i had joined a new tution i use to see a boy everyday i love him very much his name is ritesh he is very cute
i like this boy eric and i'm afaid cause sometimes i flirt with him but people tell me sometimes when i play with him he flirts whith me
im in love with a boy that is 12 years old and im 11 years old.So i love him for about 4 years now.Hes name is Gleb and mine is Kate (Katia).I want him to love me too and i need help of you guys.Hes so cute and sweet but i dont know if he loves me or someone else.I really want him to se that letter i write right now so he can understand my fellings.IM from cyprus a greek country.So guys please send a commend how to try to do him to fall in love with me and even try to date with him!Please i need help!!!!
I like this boy in my class but I tried everything and I don't know how to make him like me
I told u i would be back

Jamie ask me to be his girl friend and i said yes i hope i helped u last time
how to make a guy love you
I love this boy named Jamie 1 day his best friend was away to a hockey play of and I went to talk to him and he asked me out the secret is to were lots of purfume and to make sure your friend is not with u and if I was u I would start of being friend s then when u are good friend s invite him to go camping and then Make your dad put the tent up so u 2 be in the same room and lie in the same bed if u have a kindle fire hd download a a movie on it and watch it then betend u are tired and put it head on his shoulder

That's all the icvise I have for now good look
I like a boy named Tommy and he is cute and he asked me out and I said yes but ppl are saying he hates you
There's a boy at my Tae Kwon Do I've been his friend since he stared it's been 2 years since and I want him to be my boy friend U
what tae kwon do do u go to
it'"s were you learn to kicks and punches
I like a Spanish boy named jorge! :-)
i like this spanish boy in class too. he is so good looking. i like guys with black hair. he is the cutest guy in school. how do i make him notice me?
say hi to him when you see him . where your hair in diffrent styles.
smile at him when you walk past.
me to but he is serbin and the same years hes soooooooo cute but hes an meany am 9
i relly like 2 guys but one of them is my friends boyfriend and the other is my friends x
Well I do like this boy his name is jose
well i have a boy friend named aziz lol
i no how u feel
come on just kiss and get one of yu mates to ask him if u love u i already have a boy called jack
ya i love him so much and i just relive it help me. his name is cyris miccilip!!!
i like a boy named bryan but he doesnt like me! i talk to him and his friends alot but he has no interest! he likes one of my best friends.. and that makes me feel bad!!!! HEELLPPPP
i have a cash on a boy name Dovn he has a girl fried a im mad about it can some one hlep me.
i like a boy named braden and i dont know if he likes me
omg its the the same way with me i love this boy and he totaly hates me i need help to plus he thinks im ugly:(
Try to where bright colourful cloths maybe sweet smelling preume when u see him fluter ur eye lashs and ask him if he wants to hang out if he says no don't theres loads of boys out there if yes well done! Tip: try wearing ur hair in cool uniqte styles
give me some advice plsss... i want to one lovely boy loves me.. i love him very very very much! help me! a years ago he had love me but i don't love's. now i love him very much and he don't want to love me again... :(
I luv a boy named Jack but he hates me any advise
Talk to him say that you really love him and don't stop tiring with him until he says yes and make him give you a ring to Prove that you are bother going out with each other
i love a boy whos 13 year old and has a gf of 14 yrs i love him i pray every day for him to be mine
i like a guy that is 13 years too
well talk to him, first the aim is to become friends
i am in love with a boy nemed jaxon any advice on to tell if he likes me back
i love this boy in ma class named aziz if he dosent like me my hearts will be broken for ever please give me some advice
Is he from Azerbaijan?? And I love a 2 boys one of them's nam is Dragos and another I don't know other one
i love a boy called charlie but he likes my bestmate and my outher best mate went out with him shen she new how i felt about him and my outther beats mate has startting to like him i doont no what to do :(
i need to know couse this boy in my class is so cute and i need to know how to make him fall in love with him
om i love this guy name jaquoiri i think he is veryy hot and idk if he likes me back
I am 11 years old and I fall in love with a boy which is called Youssef and he is 13 years old all the girls love him sooo much but he love a girl which has 11 years old and I need to make him fall in love with me and I can't tell him that I love him so,can anyone tell me how can I make him to fall in love with me.Love u Youssef
I really like this guy nick Drummond I don't know if he likes me
look at him if he is taking care of u alot thats mean he love u anw gd luck
hi i love a boy in my class but i do not know if he love me and the boy is named makram but another girl love him she seat behind him and i am 11 year old what i would do to love me please help me
i think he will might ask you out if you ask him out because if you don't he will not ask you out and he wont ask you out because he's shy
Oi like this lad I think he likes me back but I wanna seal the deal and want him to ask me out already
don't worry about it. all you have to do is wait a little longer, while you wait get to know him more and maby start putting lovey make-up and if he still does'nt notice that you love him then invite him to your house and talk about something, be flirty!
well u guyss should just BE flirty in a kute way wit dem ... be shy around ur crushes.ND... SMILE .....wen u smile look into his eyes it all starts like tat ! remember to be ursellf nd dont be tooo shy just shy in a kute wayy ! c:
Hey Lovley mehh i know who u are and you alway love with the boy u ever knew it ...ahaahah i can helo you Lovely meh because u ugly and i can make u pretty :D love ugly !!
i fancy this boy down the road from me and i was in nusrry with him but i dont know if he fancy's me
i like this boy in my cless but i dont know if he likes me back what should i do?
I'm in year 6 and I fancy this boy, we were friends until my friend lied to him and said I want him to be my boyfriend.( That was before I liked him.) My friends keep asking him if he likes me and to go junior prom with me! He doesn't say anything and my other friend said he talked to him. Every time someone mistakes me for liking someone else he tells them 'no, she likes me.' I can't help feeling like he's jealous.
well i really like this boy at school he is in the same class as me but i really want him to love me but today i gave him a love letter and i told him to read it in private but he let all his friends see.please can you give me some advice about getting him to love me?
im in love with a boy his name is jefferson im grade 4 he isn't in my school but i can chat him on face book how to make him fall in love with me?
i like this boy in my class but i just dont know if he likes me back how do i get him to like me
i am in 6 grade and i love this boy where friends, we talk but iam too shy to talk to him and my friends asked him out for me he replied i am too loud and annoying loud i understand annoying i dont
I really like this boy but I think he likes me back we have a laugh we sit to togather on th bus and all please give me advice please I'm desperate
hey a boy in my school keeps on talking to me. we do the same club and he always stands next to me. i think he likes me. i like him loads but he never comes up to me in schools times rarely only in groups or clubs
First realize that you can not make someone love you, if they dont and that you can not love someone enough for the both of you. Some tips that might help is 1) make him feel important 2) ask his opinion 3) ask him to help you with something 4) wear soft materials 5) boost his self esteem 6)respect his privacy 7) talk to him, share fears, likes, dislikes and actually listen to him then remember and everyone now and then mention somthing that he has told you. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!
i like her but i dont know that he likes me or not
There's a boy I like 2 of my friends say he asked me and he said he didn't wat should I do
so what should i do .if u love him propose to him .okay
Omg! I love louis tomlinson. He's great. I would try to tell him you fancy him. (haha fancy. im starting to speak like im british. I love british people)
There is this boy that is mean to me all the time do u think he likes me
hello everyone i am 10 year and im sad because i have a crush on someone i really love him he dont even know my feeling what should i do someone help me pls. he dont know how much i love him

i like a kid to and he rejected me yesterday dont feel bad tell him how you feel about him dont make yourself look dumb dont cake on makeup either maybe lip balm and yeah he really does,t know me but whenever i see him i g=et butterflies in my stomache and if hes right for you he will come up to you flash him a smile and a wave...
so there's a boy i like,we're both in 8th grade, he's not in my class this year, but in 7th grade yesss...he's cute as my opinion, and ii loove him sooo much, he knows i like him but he doesnt wanna give an answer...he's shy by the way so i dont know. what should i do? should i ask him for the answer...he drives my mind crazy whenever i see and think about him...omgee
this is somthing that happens by itself........a the rest cannot help it.......u must be really comfident and sure abt ur love....coz its ur life
hi. am a girl. ( of course) and i like this guy one grade ahead of me. there is only like a week left of school and i am scared. :( help me i really like him. but a short girl in the same grade as him likes him and asked him out. he rejected ( HAHA WITCH) but one day he " accidently" fell on her. and i thought about telling him to get a "fake gf" but i haven't yet. i was hoping i could be his fake gf and maybe he would fall in love with me. help?
Theres this boy I really like. I'm in year 6 and he's in year 5. We used to go out and I really regret dumpin him he said that he likes someone else and doesnt like me anymore. I feel really down about it. He said he wasn't my friend anymore after me admitting that I still loved him! I'm heartbroken what do I do?
i realy love this boy at school his name is gregory calder he goes to the same school i go to in ontario california it is called grace yokley middle school. i like him but i dont know if he likes me back because i an too shy. he use to go out with another girl called vanessa thomson but i dont know if they broke up or not. i dont want a boyfriend because he will mess up my studies like i dont want to get bad grades because of some boy. but i just want him to love me because he is so hot and you know he has blond hair that so cute. im 12 years old and i have mr. nelson for p.e and science[teacher he is a little hot to. i want gregory to grow up and look like him [mr nelson]thats all for now byyyyyyyyyyyyyy
help me !!!! I love this boy at my school but he dosen't love me and I have tried every thing and it is no use !!! :(
I like this boy he is called jake He is Cute but i fancy him he may not fancy me but i always laugh at his jokes but i think he likes me a tidgy bit but if u have a prob just wait until he goes for u never let him get away . Back to my story ... i have never dated him before i think he looks like louis tomlinson i love him!! <3
Im in love annd don't know what to do one thing i need to do is tell him but i don't know how, and where to do it?
i love 1 boy 2 and i think he loves me 2
i met this cute boy he's mackes me smile and laugh i scared to tell him i love him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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