these are some notes i wrote just in case i forget how to setup my colors in my git command line.

if you get confuse by my notes, just follow this tutorial video, it shows you in details what i am talking about:

by default, git is not setup with colors, its very useful to identify the output for each command when you use a color scheme. i am groin to show you the best way to use it with one simple command:

git config --global color.ui auto
note that the --global option means that it will change your color scheme on all of git and not just the current commit

setup in windows:
to setup a white background:
right click on Git Bash, select properties,

1, in the colors tab select the 'screen background' radio and set the 'Selected Color Values' to;
red = 255
green = 255
blue = 255
or simply click on the white box from all the selections

2. set the font to black by selecting the 'Screen Text' radio button and choose the black color

before you click ok, go to the Options tab and under the 'Edit Options' check 'Quick Edit Mode'
then click OK

download and install tab completion and git features