This is a chance to call liv and maddie. Are you a fan of liv and maddie? if so woudn't it be great if you can call liv and maddie and tell her how much you love the show? There are many websites that say they have the number to call liv and maddie but at the end its just a fake number where there is no one that answers the phone and they you are left disappointed because you really want to call liv and maddie and speak to either liv or maddie.

If you are interested in obtaining the number to call liv and maddie then you will be very surprise to learn that there are some people who have gotten the number directly to the cast of liv and maddie. My friend asked me what was the number and at that time i did not have it because i was not really into liv and maddie, so i asked my friend to show me the channel they come on, she said the disney channel, at home we have cable so it was easy to find.

I am not a big fan as other people on this website, but i do like that show i am not going to be saying i hate it because i do like the shows liv and maddie, they make me laugh. After visiting so many sites, i found this number, but please dont give it away to other people because then too many people call to speak to liv and maddie and they say some mean things, last time i gave it to a random girl, and she gave it to another friend, and guess what happened, she called in the middle of the night and obviously the number for liv and maddie was changed because the manager of the shows dont like fans calling in the milddle of the night to disturb the actresses and actors of the show.

on their blog, it said they need to sleep at night because during the morning they attend private tutoring and after that, they go directly to the film the episodes of the shows if they dont get enough sleep, they have problems memorizing their lines for each episodes, so if you really like liv and maddie and want to be nice to them, dont call and say mean things and definitely not call in the middle of the night ok.

Last nigh i was watching my favorite disney channel show which is called liv and maddie by Dove Cameron which plays the character Liv Rooney. I enjoy the show because Liv Rooney is so funny. but i did not call them, please do the same and enjoy the show Ok, here is the deal, if you want their phone number be honest and nice and not be a hater.

Only true fans will find the number. It is hidden on this page so you may have to do some work (hint: quiz)

Liv And Maddie Show Knowledge Quiz

Liv and Maddie Rooney are twins who are identical, they have been living different lives for years. Maddie goes to high school in Wisconsin who likes high tops to high heels but Liv is cool and confident who lives in Hollywood. You may find the answer in the comments.