i have a virtual machine in virtuabox and when i created it was only 10G, now i find myself needed more disk space.

i looked up online and this is what i found

if you have version 4 or higer, you can do it from the command line, these command i sent in the DOS terminal:

cd C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox

next i need to get the id for the hard drive i need to expand
VBoxManage list hdds

it will show you something like this:

UUID: 508cd25e-c666-4e54-9639-3f2d32eff210
Parent UUID: base
Format: VMDK
Location: D:\MyVirtualMachines\CentOS_ISPConfig3\ispconfig3_5-1-2012-test-wallpaperama-disk1.vmdk
State: locked write
Type: normal
Usage: CentOS_ISPConfig3 (UUID: c01248b6-f893-4e82-99a0-182c0a2182b7)

so now you do this
VBoxManage modifyhd 508cd25e-c666-4e54-9639-3f2d32eff210 --resize 20080

and thats when i go this error

VBoxManage.exe: error: Resize hard disk operation for this format is not impleme nted yet!

anyone know how to increase the size on a vmdk?

but if you have a .vdi disk, you will get a success message like this: