Very often you watch the news where a young woman has done something tragic to her new born child like throwing that newborn child in the trash simply because she doesn't want to deal with raising a kid. It breaks my heart because I wish I can have a child in my family. I have been ready to have children for a long time. I have been trying but have not achieved my goal yet. I don't know if its a curse or not, but I have not had the luck to get a woman pregnant.

For a while, I thought perhaps i was not fertile. I visited my doctor and he did a sperm count. The results came positive, which is good. I was worried my sperm was worthless.

My name is Edward. I am a healthy heterosexual married male with a heterosexual female who is older than me. I am a good family man but my wife cannot bare children. We live a comfortable live. I have a good job, work for a top 500 company. My objective is to have a baby the natural way without any artificial methods. I do believe in science, but when it comes to baring a child, my preference is to have a child the natural way instead of alternative methods like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or artificial insemination.

I am looking for a partner to have a baby. I am in search of a good healthy woman to have my child. or if you want a child also, we can have two, one for you and one for me. I will pay the medical services. I don't want to get married or a relationship, I am a successful guy and I want to have a child of my own, I prefer to have a baby boy, but a baby girl will be fine, but if I had to prefer, I rather have a boy. I live in the San Francisco bay area in California so if there is a healthy woman interested please let me know. it doesn't matter what race you are if you are white Caucasian, Latin, Asian. please let me know so we can have baby. one thing I do request is that the baby be made the natural way, not artificially, that means actually having s e x, I am not doing this for the s e x, I just want to save the money for the artificial insemination that will cost like $5000, that money can go towards the baby services at the hospital don't you thing?

I don't ask for much, but these are a MUST:
  • NO STDs - The woman cannot have any Sexually Transmitted Diseases. This is not because I am discriminating, but simply because I would hate for the child to have to bear the difficulties with inheriting an incurable disease from its parents.
  • AGE: Between the age of 18 and 25. The younger the better. No one under 18. Anyone under 18 is illegal, so don't even bother asking.
  • RACE: Caucasian, Latin(Hispanic) or Asian. Again, not to sound like a am being racists, but I am not ready for a black baby at this point. I have thought about it and maybe down the road, I will consider it.
  • GENDER: I am only interested in a natural born biological female
  • DRUGS: no drugs. I would prefer no smoking or drinking

  • If you are interested, we can work out the details. let me know please