Want to play Street Fighter II Champion Edition and others online retro game?

I grew up in Southern california. One day I stopped by the 7-11 on my way home from school. I saw this kid playing this cool game and he asked me if I wanted to join in, I could. So I did. I abviously did not know how to play the him to he won. But I was bitten by the SF2 bug. Since the, I played with my friends Street Fighter for almost 5 years.

I moved out of state to Texas, yeah man, Texas. There were no Street Figher games, and if there were, there were no challengers. It was boring, I simply gave up.

Up until recently I was curious if they game was still popular and how I can play online. I googled, and found some crapy sites. After investigating, I found a way you can play online, these are some methods you can play online and challenger other players.

  1. Fightcade (Recommended) [Free]
  2. Steam [Subscription to 30th anniversary]
  3. Nintendo Switch
  4. Play Station 4

To install Fightcade, there was really good tutorials on Youtube which can do a better job than me teaching you here, so go look for it. The application is free and you can install it on windows 10.

Become a new Challenger!

UPDATE: If you are having trouble setting up, I found a really helpful tutorial: https://oldgameheaven.com/438

NOTE: you may need google translate