Today I went into a rabbit hole searching for an open source free Movies Database. I found a couple that would satisfied.

  1. They have a developers sections, but it not well documented.
  2. This would be ok, but I would not set it as reliable.
  3. has some really good insight
  4. LARGE datasets of movie collection for FREE!
  5. The best solution if you  are playing with data. It has a handy JSON API which you can sign up for free or give money as a Patron. If you can afford it, you should give money to them. Having online services is expensive. (even this blog costs money)

Beware that 2-5 are unstable version and could change at any time, if you are building a foundation for an entertainment application, it is best to sign up with a robust and reliable source. Unfortunately, that sources is AMAZON AWS ATHENA. (