Quiz - Is My Husband Cheating?

Take this quiz to find out if your husband is cheating on you.

Do You feel like your husband cheating on you?

They say women have a sixth and they can tell when a man is cheating. That might be true. But to find out these are some tale-tale sign he is diffidently cheating. These are some signs to look for on your husband:

  1. More work time than home time?
  2. Secret texting of calls?
  3. Bad mood?
  4. Can't be reached? Disappears?
  5. Abnormal Schedule.
  6. Increased spending? unrecognizable bills
  7. No Intimacy
  8. Doesn't look you in the eyes when talking
  9. Does not want to socialize with you among friends
  10. Very protective.

Lets take a deeper dive into these points for signs of cheating.

More work time than home time? - Having two relationships at the same time is no easy task, specially when a new relationship is beginning to develop. Most men will lie about their marital status to the other woman. The husband in this case will have to juggle two relationships and most times, he will take priority over the new woman and abandon the wife. He might say he is staying late for work and if you challenge him, he will make excuses such as, "If I stop working, then who is going to feed you?" What should you do? Trust and Honesty are the foundation of every relationship. What does your gut say?

Secret texting of calls? - A prevailing characteristic of a cheating husband is communicating with the other woman. New relationships required a huge investment in time. The other woman will be texting and calling him because he misses him. Be on the look out for this characterizing in a cheater husband.

Bad mood? If your husband shows signs of always being in a bad mood, this can mean that he is stressed out because the other woman is craving attention from him and he is not able to handle it, therefore, depriving you from his time with you. He is also frustrated because he cannot spend all the time freely with the other woman.

Can't be reached? Disappears? - IF you noticed he leaves his phone turned off and never replies to your text messages, its probably because he is doing something you don't want him to know.

Abnormal Schedule. Unless he recently received a promotion or a new job, his schedule should remain somewhat the same. If you noticed a huge difference is his work schedule, for example, working grave yard or working too much overtime, there is something going on there.

Increased spending? unrecognizable bills - Unless you manage the bills, you will not notice that. If you suspect he is cheating on you, get more involved with your finances to see if he is spending lavish things for the other woman.

No Intimacy - Lack of intimacy doesn't necessary mean a cheater. One way to know if he is cheating is if you noticed a change in his behavior in bed or if he started to ask to to do weird things.

Eye Contact - This is a very good indicator if he is cheating because lairs do not look at people's eye when they are telling a lie.

No Socializing - Cheating husband do not want to socialize in fear they your mutual friends or family member might find out about his other relationship.

Very protective - this goes hand in hand with attitude. If you ask him questions and he asked why or gets mad because you are asking, its probably because he is hiding something he doesn't want you to find out about him.

What can you do to find out if he is cheating? One way I recommend is that you share your location with each other. You have to however, make him view it from a different perspective. For example, ask him that you want his location from his phone shared with you are concern for this safety and for your safety. Tell him you will share your location and he will too. If the gives you problems, there might be something that he is hiding. Remember, relationships are about trust.

Hope that help.